5 Reasons Not to feed Kibble to Your Dog

5 Reasons Not to feed Kibble to Your Dog

The trouble with kibble

When you get a new dog, or take on a rescue, one of the biggest decisions, apart from his name, is what are you going to feed him. Most people will head towards the nearest pet emporium and gaze at the dizzying array of pet foods available.

The pet food industry is worth £2.8bn a year. The majority of this is going to be dry or kibble. Kibble is sold as a ‘whole food’ that contains everything your dog needs to thrive.

Dry dog food is the ultimate convenience food, relatively cheap to buy, stores well and needs no preparation.

You are what you eat

‘You are what you eat’ and the message from dog nutritionist is ‘the same goes for your dog’.

Kibble is coming under increasing pressure from dog nutritionists who question the idea of ‘one food for life’ and suggest that by feeding the same kibble (dry food) every day we are storing up potential health time bombs for our dogs.

5 Reasons not to feed kibble to your dog

It is now agreed that dogs, like people need a variety of high quality fresh food to thrive and live into old age fit and disease free. Here are the reasons we need to re-think our love affair with kibble:

#1 Often a lot of the ingredients are going to be low quality. They fall behind the 70% protein level that your dogs need, and the protein that is present is low quality and of dubious origin. Read how to read dog food labels’.

#2 Kibble will contain starch and carbohydrate as it is needed for the cooking process, some foods will be 30% starch and other 60%.  When this is eaten this turns to glucose (sugar). dogs are unable to process this, it is turned into fat and stored around the body. This could also lead to diabetes.

Cancer and harmful bacteria feed off fat and sugar. 46% of dogs die of cancer.

Carbohydrate can also cause a leaky gut, which means that the lining of the gut that sieves out large food particles and toxins gets damaged and allows food particles through. The body will attack these and this can in turn cause allergies to foods.

#3 *Dry dog food contains only 10-12% moisture (needed to aid digestion) so your dog is going to be in a constant state of mild dehydration.

#4 **Kibble contains grains such as rice and barley. Dogs do not need this in their diet. It causes allergies and skin conditions. In addition to this, rice and grains can be contaminated a type of mould that releases toxins causing liver disease and cancer.

#5 Grain free and organic kibble may be grain free and organic, but it will still contain starch as this is needed for the cooking process. It also has little nutritious value after the intense cooking process. Manufacturers add synthetic vitamins and minerals to bring the food up to the required dog food standards.


In the interest of balance there are some quality kibble available on the market.. The trick is to be able to ignore the graphic design on the front, read the label and understand what you are feeding your dog. Read the article ‘how to understand do food labels.’ But even so, I would recommend that it is not fed every day.

Kibble is convenient and cheap, and some people may suggest that RAW or home cooking is too expensive. But if you consider the issue over the whole of your dog’s life you could be saving huge sums of money from vet treatment. Read 9 Healthy Reasons to home cook.

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  1. Samantha Storer
    October 27, 2017 / 11:30 am

    Hi, i feed both my chi’s dry kibble & wet food Both small breed, i dont have any problems with them eating dry food. Yes one of my chi’s is over weight but thats due to old age & meds shes on. My other chi doesn’t have any skin trouble.
    I dont have the time to cook meals, they how ever do have fresh chicken when i cook it for myself. I agree chi’s deserve the best

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