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Chihuahua School Opens

2nd September 2022

I help chihuahua owners who are frustrated with constant barking, confused by food choices and worried by training techniques grow a calm, well-behaved, nourished dogs through chi-friendly training.

Do you dream of being able to walk them without the crazy barking and growling at other dogs?

Are you embarrassed when your chihuahua turns into a little stinker when people come to the house?

It’s frustrating when your chihuahua behaves like this because at home with the family chihuahuas are loyal, smart, funny, and affectionate.

Chihuahuas can be a challenging breed to manage, so don’t beat yourself up too much. They don’t respond well to puppy classes and ‘regular training’ methods often make behaviour worse.

But don’t despair as there is a training method that works for chihuahuas. Its fun and 100% force free and anyone can do it regardless of where you live or mobility. No gadgets, in person classes that your dog will hate, or nasty lead snapping.

I am a Pro Dog Trainer & Behaviour Coach and I have been working with some of the best concept trainers in the world so I can teach you how to get the best out of your chihuahua.

To help you solve your chihuahua’s behaviour I am opening the first ever online Chihuahua School. Totally dedicated to this super little dog and their humans.

Chihuahua School is an online membership that will teach you how to work with your chi. All the training is geared to fit in with chihuahua size and temperament. It is easy to do, fun and 100% force free.

I will be teaching you how to create a calmer dog, how to build confidence to ignore other dogs in the street. Games to keep them focused on you in the park. Got a chihuahua bomb that goes off when someone comes to the door? I will show you how to diffuse it without horrid gadgets that can make things worse.

There will be advice on food and nutrition as this plays a major part in dog behaviour.

Got a senior chihuahua (over eight)? We will help you keep them fit and in tip-top condition so they can live their lives active and disease free.

Chihuahua School opens its doors for a limited time on 2nd September 2022. Only chihuahua owners on the waitlist will be invited to join. This is so I can work with owners as they train so they get the best experience.

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