How many chihuahua coat colours are there?

There is an an amazing array of different chihuahua coat colours. 

In fact they have more colours than any other breed. We hunted the internet to see how many of the different chihuahua coat colours we could find. Have a look and see if your chihuahua  coat colour is here. If you have a chi we haven’t found please send us a photo.

Not all chihuahua colours are recognised by the Kennel Club. Merle chihuahuas do cause some controversy. You can read about merle chihuahuas in this article.

Both pure white and pure black with absolutely no splashes of other colours are also rare. Chihuahuas also can be albino, that is the complete lack of any pigment. You will recognise one as they will have pink eyes. Finding a true albino is also quite rare and the breeding of them should  not be encouraged as they can suffer health issues.

Here is a roundup of all the colours we could find.


Black and Silver
Black and Red
Black and Tan
Black and White
Black Sable Fawn (wolf sable?)
Black Sabled Silver (merle)
Black (Total black is rare!)
Blue and Tan
Blue and White
Blue Brindled Fawn
Blue Fawn
Chocolate and Tan
Chocolate and White
Chocolate Blue
Chocolate Brindle Fawn
Chocolate Sable Fawn
Cream and White
Fawn and White
Fawn Brindle Black
Gold and White
Red and Merle
Red and White
White and Black Sable

Chihuahuas are one of the only dog breeds that can be any colourway and one of the few that can be either a long coat or short coat purebred. We love to see all your chihuahua mixes so please post your chihuahua photos below.

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  1. Zoe Cottrell

    My puppiyyes is an unusual colour. It is like a ginger colour.

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