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Behaviour & Training

Chihuahuas can be feisty and wilful and can be a challenging choice for the first-time dog owner. But the good news is with good training they are loyal and loving companions. We have a host of articles on the blog to help you tame your chi-ziller and improve your relationship. Check out behaviour articles in Behaviour & Training



Keeping your chihuahua in good health starts with good diet. It can make a difference to how long he lives. Don’t assume premium kibble and dry food is the answer. We have articles giving you the lowdown on feeding trends as well as home cooked meal recipes that your chihuahua will love. Check out feeding articles in Feeding & Nutrition



There is much you can do to boost your chihuahua’s well being. By taking a more natural approach, much can be done to avoid expensive, intrusive veterinary procedures. You will also find information on breed specific health issues and up to date health trends. Check out health articles in Health & Wellbeing