Chihuahua Power launches Patreon campaign

Chihuahua Power launches Patreon campaign

This week we launched the Chihuahua Power Patreon campaign as chihuahua Power is now well and truly past the hobby stage. With thousands of readers all over the world, questions & messages coming in by the sack load and  a hefty website to maintain, not to mention all the blog posts and social media content researched and written just for you, it’s now a full time job. We need you to help us keep going.

What is Patreon?

Patreon is a platform that enables fans and followers to financially support creators who’s work they enjoy.

The website connects creators and fans and provides a payment mechanism that allows fans to support their chosen creator with a small monthly subscription.

The website is totally secure and a patron (you) have complete control over how much you contribute and when you want to stop.

Why Chihuahua Power launched a campaign

We need to keep the lights on at Chihuahua Power. The Facebook page and website costs are increasing, the workload is now a full-time job and we need staff to keep it all together.

So, we are hoping that as a regular reader of Chihuahua Power you can help us keep going with a small monthly subscription.

This will cover our monthly costs and give Chihuahua Power the means to expand and become to number one resource for chihuahua lovers.

What’s in it for you?

By supporting the Chihuahua Power Patreon Campaign, you become a Chihuahua Power VIP. You are, simply put, the power that keeps the engine running.

As a Chihuahua Power VIP, you get to join our membership only Facebook group where you can;

  • Chat to other chihuahua owners
  • Ask for advice from the Chihuahua Power team
  • Post your own questions and photos
  • Get to inform and drive Chihuahua Power direction
  • Money off new products as they roll out.
  • Promote your own dog relate business on a Friday (business users only)

To find out more about  the Chihuahua Power Patreon campaign follow the link. We have made a cheesy film that outlines our goals. We very much hope that you see the value of supporting Chihuahua Power and we look forward to your joining the VIP club.

Please note that Patreon uses dollars as a currency. It will convert to your local currency when it processes the transaction. There is also a 4% transaction fee when your payment is made.

If you have any questions then please email us.

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