Chihuahuas Can Help You Find Love!

Chihuahuas Can Help You Find Love!
Looking For Love? Dogs Make It Easy To Connect With People

As Valentine’s Day draws closer, we look at how chihuahua dogs owners can find love and happiness just through owning a pet.

Chihuahua owners make better lovers!

You may notice how easy it is to strike up a friendly conversation with a passer-by while out on a dog walk, but did you know that owning a dog could actually be to key to forming new friendships and establishing new relationships? If you’re looking for love this Valentine’s Day, get your chihuahua involved and you may find it so much easier to connect with people.

Animal Lovers Are More Attractive

According to a recent study in the UK, almost half the participants believe that being an animal lover makes a person more attractive and that women are more likely to be attracted to animal lovers than men. Even if you’re only looking for friendship, around a third of Brits think that someone who has a pet dog is more likely to be loyal, kind and compassionate.

So, if you’re out walking your lovely chi in the park, you may never know who has got fanciful eyes on you, or perhaps you’ve noticed an attractive other with their pet dog in tow?

Dog Owners Build Stronger Friendships and Relationships

In many studies, there is proof that walking a dog is one of the easiest ways to make friends, in fact, 29% of dog owners are said to have met lifelong friends while out on a walk with their pooch. This is largely down to the psychology of pet ownership, reportedly people who form a strong attachment to pets, feel more connected to their community and to their relationships.

Cummings School of Veterinary Medicine found that those who develop an attachment to pets as a teenager or young adult are more likely to be confident and empathetic individuals later on in life. In fact, the benefits of pet ownership are hugely abundant.

Dogs bring people together.

Our Chihuahuas give us social, psychological and physical benefits, allowing you to keep active, explore new places, create conversations and significantly reduce stress levels. All of the advantages mentioned help to contribute to forming great friendships and deeper relationships.

Improve Your (and Your Dog’s) Social Life

Many companies have cottoned on to the way dogs have to power to connect humans which have led to a rise in doggy dating sites, where you can connect with dog lovers in your local area. Tindog is just one of the sites where you can browse images of pooches and their owners and ‘swipe’ the ones worthy of a doggy date.

PetsPartnerAndPals is another site where you can meet other pet lovers for love, romance, fun and friendship. This site is for all pet owners, from horses to tortoises to meet like-minded people and create relationships for life.

So if you’re looking for a date this Valentine’s Day, you may be pleasantly surprised that it could be as easy as a walk in the park, with your lovely dogs in tow, of course.


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