Is Your Chihuahua Glamorous Enough?

Is Your Chihuahua Glamorous Enough?

Would You Treat Your Chihuahua Dog To A Spa Day?

Caring for our chihuahua dog no longer means a walk and a belly rub, dog grooming has reached heights of pampering, and many pet owners are now treating dogs to beauty treatments and spa days. 

According to the Telegraph spending on pets is set to pass £7bn

It’s no secret that us chihuahua people spoil and treat our chihuahuas, but most of us think edible treats and a new toy are the way to a chi’s heart.

But if this isn’t enough for you go up a gear with this new level of spoiling, the new trend sweeping the dog industry is spa and beauty treatments.

Here are some of the most unusual pampering trends sweeping the nation. Would you treat your little chihuahua to these pampering treatments?

Nail Art (Yes Really)

Treat your chi to a ‘pawdicure’ that not only trims and files their nails, it also leaves them with a stylish nail art design that will beat your manicure, hands down.

Doggy nail art, coming to a dog salon near you.

Using specialist water-based and non-toxic paints, it is important to find quick drying solutions, so your dog keeps still for long enough.

Warren London  currently in the USA (but it won’t be long before someone is doing it in the UK,) offers paw friendly nail art pens that dry in less than 40 seconds, with thin nibs so you or the dog beautician can create stunning and creative designs, perfect for every occasion.

To remove the polish (if a few walks can’t take it off first) you can rub the nails with standard non-acetone nail varnish remover.

With a range of colours, would you match your nails with your dog’s nails?

Dog Hair Dye

Doggy style, or is it?

To treat your Chihuahua dog to a brand-new look, how about dyeing the coat with a bold and bright new colour? Dog hair dye gels are available from brands such as Top Performance, which makes coat dyeing much less messy and allows you to combine multiple colours to create a fun and fanciful design.

Dog hair dyes are semi-permanent and last around six washes, always make sure to choose a non-toxic solution and take extra precaution around the ears, eyes and mouth.

Dog Perfume

When smelly dog syndrome strikes, help is now at hand with many companies offering dog perfume and cologne.

Urban Pup provides a range of naturally scented spritz sprays, including indulgent chocolate and vanilla and fruity pomegranate scents.

The spritzer not only removes odour instantly, but it can also be used in between baths and helps to condition the coat to leave your pooch soft, silky and strokable.

If a perfume is too indulgent, many dog shampoos come with great scents, thanks to their naturally-derived ingredients.

Deliciously scented dog shampoos.

Wildwash offers a range of great-smelling dog shampoos that are free from synthetic ingredients and offers fragrances which include grapefruit, bergamot and ginger.

Spa Day

Luxury spas are not just for humans; dogs can enjoy them too. RaithwaiteHall offers spa treatments exclusively for dogs. prices start from around £47.00

Pampered pooches can receive aromatherapy massages to send them to sleep and invigorating hydro-bath treatments and skin-soothing mud treatments.

Raithwaite Hall may be the first dog spa hotel of its kind, but Harrods also offer a premium dog spa complete with Reiki healing and luxury massages.


If your chihuahua would like a spa treatment but Harrods is a little pricey, the Groom Room at Pets at home do a nice spa package.

I took Mika once to get clipped and my daughter talked me into it. It includes a blueberry facial! He must have enjoyed it because he didn’t bite anyone, and I must admit he did look very dapper in his bandanna.

Well if you chihuahua deserves this sort of luxury, so do you, right?

Please not that none of these links are affiliate links and Chihuahua Power is not endorsing any of these products. 


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