Having a dog with behavior issues can turn everyday life into a struggle. You end up managing strange behaviours and risk being bitten. It’s surprising how many chihuahua owners are slightly afraid of their dog. You love them unconditionally, but let’s face it, a badly behaved chihuahua isn’t an asset to any household.

The good news is, it’s possible to transform the behaviour of any dog. Whatever’s gone wrong can always be put right. I’m a force free, positive, games based trainer. No air horns, e-collars, citronella collars or nasty gadgets are used in our training.

Book a consultation

Congratulations! Your a fantastic chihuahua owner. This is the first step in transforming your chihuahua’s behaviour. consultations are an hour and take place on Zoom. You can tell me what’s been going on with your chihuahua. I will probably ask a tonne of questions and it’s important to answer the pre-meeting questions so I can prepare as much as possible. Once I have the full picture I will suggest some training strategies and training games that will help you transform your chihuahuas behaviour.

Money back guarantee.

I am so confident that I will be able to help you that you can even cancel the consultation while it’s in progress! Yep, you can cancel up to 30 minutes into the consult and you’ll get a full refund.