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Greeting cards

We have created a range of beautiful and unique chihuahua themed cards for every occasion. (Well nearly, we’re working on it!) Each card is printed onto 350gsm bright white card and supplied with a smart grey envelope. Cards are 147 x 147mm (approx). We are sure you will find something you like, plus we are adding new designs all the time. Enjoy your shopping with Chihuahua Power

New Personalised Gotcha Day Cards

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Books by Chihuahua Power

The Chihuahua Power blog is all about helping people get the best out of their chihuahuas. The books by Chihuahua Power help with some of the most common questions we get asked.

Chihuahua are awesome dogs and come supercharged with lots of energy. They love a bark and are happy to let everyone know it! Sometimes the constant barking can be annoying and inconvenient and owners will look around for a quick-fix gadget to make them stop. What they don’t realise is these gadgets not only damage your dog they can make the barking worse in the long term. That’s why I wrote this book. Everything you need to understand about why your dog barks and how to communicate with him to reduce it.

Is chihuahua barking driving you crazy? How to reduce chihuahua barking. Louise Kirby

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Chihuahuas are prone to dental issues. It’s not uncommon for a chihuahua to lose more than half their teeth down to plaque build up and cavities. Bad teeth not only spoils your chihuahua’s smile, it can contribute to other more serious health issues like heart and liver disease. Some owners believe they are cleaning their chihuahua’s teeth with dental sticks or trust that dry kibble food will clean their teeth. By the time they find out these haven’t worked the damage is done.

The Little book of Chihuahua Teeth shows you the correct way to brush, what products to use and what to avoid. If your chihuahua’s temperament is not conducive to brushing we show you how to keep their teeth clean without the need to stick your finger in their mouth!

The little book of chihuahua teeth by Louise Kirby

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