Why you must socialise your chihuahua

Why you should socialise your chihuahua early

Deciding to own a chihuahua is a big decision and one of the most important things to do is to ensure that you socialise your chihuahua early. This is essential if you want a happy well balanced chihuahua. 

Due to their small size chihuahuas can be fearful when around other people, larger dogs and children. This could lead to issues such as fear biting or make them shy.

When under stress chihuahuas may well bite first and ask questions later, which is known as fear biting. They will resort to this because they are afraid of the situation they find themselves in. They are unhappy and unable to cope.

If you want to avoid this happening and becoming a difficult problem to undo later in life, socialising you puppy is absolutely essential. They need to meet a huge range of people, other dogs and be presented with numerous situations before they are five months old.  

Socialise your chihuahua to avoid a chi-ziller!

Not only could a lack of socialisation make your chihuahua uneasy around other animals, it could make walks and interactions incredibly stressful.

Some people have even found that by not socialising their chihuahua they have created a chi-ziller. Chil-zillers are weary, frightened dogs which may end up fear biting people or other dogs that they feel unsure of.

By nature, chihuahuas tend to prefer the company of their own breed. which is why it is so important to introduce them to a variety of different breeds.

Although everyone in this video is laughing, it’s not really funny. This dog is stressed and if she bites someone she could end up being destroyed.

Signs that you may need to spend some time socialising

It is a great idea to socialise any puppy as soon as you have them. However, sometimes you may adopt a chihuahua later in their life. If you do, then there are some signs that you should look out for that show you should be encouraging them to interact with other dogs.

  • Shy from dogs and people
  • Show signs of aggression
  • Can be are food or toy possessive
  • Very possessive over you
  • Display separation anxiety
  • Become fearful of certain objects, places or types of people

All of these could be tell-tale signs that you have a chihuahua which needs to be socialised more. Rather than keeping them away from situations, you need to face them head on. Show them that there is nothing to be afraid of and be patient with them.

It can take time for these signs of fear to wane. So if you don’t succeed on the first attempt, then keep trying. It will soon click into place.

Remember that chihuahuas are a wonderful breed

Whilst they can be hard work, chihuahuas are a popular breed to own for a reason. They are loving, loyal and affectionate to their owners. Not only this but they are strong-willed, intelligent and absolutely packed full of character.

Much like many other small breeds. They may know that they are small compared to other dogs, but believe that they are just as big in their bark. Which is why you may see many smaller breeds proudly trotting along as if they were a Great Dane!

All you need to do as an owner is make sure that you put the same level of effort into your little chihuahua as you would if they were a larger breed. It is a mistake to assume that they are small and don’t need training. 

Never too late

If you missed the window of opportunity to socialise you chihuahua as a puppy, all is not lost. We have a lot of articles on chihuahua behaviour, it is never too late to start working with your dog. It might take longer to get the results that you want but you can make improvements to your chihuahua well being. Here are some links that can help you:

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Don’t accept snapping and growling as part of their nature, if this is how your chi behaves he is not happy and enjoying life and won’t reach his potential.

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