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I help chihuahua owners who are frustrated and stressed with their chihuahua’s challenging behaviour, grow a calm, confident, sassy dog. 

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What is it with chihuahuas?!

Chihuahuas are super little dogs. Fun, smart & loyal and being compact they fit right into modern apartment living.

But they can be a difficult breed to manage and constant barking and aggression towards other dogs can sour the dream of owning a chihuahua.

Life becomes about battling barking, worrying about noise and your neighbours, and embarrassment because you can’t take them out for a walk without a meltdown when they see another dog.

Overarousal and anxiety can manifest in different ways, biting hands and worrying about movement, agressive attitude to their family members. 

Resource guarding objects & places, separation anxiety and crazy barking at every noise. 

Regular training methods often make things worse, and a cycle of stress and tension starts to take over the household. Seeds of regret about ever getting a chihuahua start to grow.
This wasn’t your dream of owning a chihuahua, was it!

Sadly chihuahuas are one of the most surrendered breeds with behaviour being one of the top reasons. 

Get your chihuahua back on track!

Chihuahua Power is here to help you get the best out of your chihuahua. Modern force-free behaviour coaching, nutrition & fitness. 

Get help with chihuahua behaviour!

Got a crazy Chihuahua?

Is barking driving you nuts? Are walks a stressful nightmare? Would you like a calm dog that can relax in the house and not bark at every noise they hear? Join us in Chihuahua School grow a calm relaxed dog.

What is Chihuahua School?

Chihuahua School is the first online training program to help owners with chihuahua behaviour. Access anywhere and train at your own pace. Everything is force-free and fun for you and your dog.

Say goodby to crazy barking and hello to a cool, calm confident chi-chi!

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Need personalised help with your chihuahua’s transformation plan? Talk to me.

Hi, My name is Louise and I am a Pro Dog Trainer and Behaviour Coach. Specialist in chihuahua behaviour and rehabilitation. Get a personalised training plan to help you grow a calm confident chihuahua.

Book a 1-2-1 behaviour consultation and get your chihuahuas transformation off to a flying start.

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Certified Pro dog Trainer & Behaviour Coach

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Certified Nutrition Specialist.
Worried about what to feed your chihuahua? Get help with all things nutrition and fitness. 

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I am proud to announce that I am now a Platinum Member of the Pet Professional Network.

The Pet Professional Network is an international business support organisation for force-free pet professionals, working in collaboration with other ethical organisations and training institutes.