Products We Just Love!

Need a helping hand with your chihuahua’s health and fitness?

We use these products everyday for our own chihuahuas. My favourite by far is the Seniour Calm which is great for preventing cognitive decline, tummy sensitivity and anal glands.

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Do you find it difficult to brush your dog’s teeth every day? Have you considered this all natural alternative to dental chews?

PLAQUE-K9 is a healthy, calorie-free alternative to dental chews that takes the hassle out of canine dental care by creating an easy-to-feed dental supplement which maintains dental hygiene and prevents the build-up of plaque and tartar. Helping with problems of bad breath and dirty teeth.

CALM-K9 is a natural calming dog supplement that has been specifically formulated by a vet behaviourist, trainers and a team of nutritionists to provide support to your dog’s training and behaviour transformation whilst helping them in times of need.

I use for my chihuahuas  every day!


,Have you noticed changes in your older dog? Over the age of 7 our dog’s cognitive function can start to decline. Brain functions like taste, vision and hearing can be affected.

CALM-K9 Senior Boost has all the same great power of CALM-K9 but is specifically designed for older dogs to concentrate on the brain.

Mika, aged 12 gets this everyday! 

Do you need a Probiotic supplement for your dog? Runny poops are not fun for anyone!

Whether triggered by stress, a sensitive tummy or just insufficient dietary fibre, PROBIO-K9 will get your dogs movements back on track for a happier dog and owner!

At A-OK9, we believe that a happy gut creates a happy dog, promoting overall wellbeing and vitality.

Give PROBIO-K9 daily to your dog and see the results for yourself!

Flexi-K9 does what it says – it’s a dog supplement that helps your dog to flex!

As our dogs age, they become less flexible. Joints begin to stiffen as the amount of lubricating fluid decreases and cartilage becomes thinner, making activity levels decrease as movement becomes more difficult.

Flexi-K9 is one of our bestselling dog supplements that supports the natural production of joint lubricant as well as supporting the body’s antioxidant and anti-inflammatory processes.

Ditch the itch and ditch the chemicals with Bug-K9!

Are you using monthly flea and worming treatments for your dog?

Are you looking for a natural alternative that WORKS?

Bug-K9 is our all natural superfood anti-parasitic that combats fleas and worms whilst providing immune boosting properties.