7 Reasons Coconut Oil is Super Good for your Chihuahua.

7 Reasons Coconut Oil is Super Good for your Chihuahua.

7 Reasons Coconut Oil is Super Good for your Chihuahua.

Can anyone remember a time before coconut oil wasn’t the elixir of life?

Coconut Oil has so many health benefits for humans and dogs alike. We look at 7 reasons you should have a tub in your store cupboard.

Teeth Cleaning

Cleaning a chihuahua’s teeth can be tricky. If you have had your dog from a puppy and she is used to it then that’s awesome, but if your chihuahua is not so amenable the chances are you will get snapped at or bitten.

Coconut oil is good for cleaning your dog’s teeth, it contains natural antibacterial properties which kills the bacteria that causes tooth decay. It also freshens breath. Your chihuahua will like the taste of it which can make it easier. If you can rub it daily into their teeth and gums perfect, but if your chihuahua won’t tolerate that then rub it onto chew toys and bones. (Watch the carpet!)

Another idea is after their meal you could give them the doggie equivalent of pudding by mixing half or quarter teaspoon of coconut oil with Kefir for an antibacterial mouth wash. (Remember to include the calories in their daily allowance.)

Flea Repellent

Every dog should have a good flea busting routine. That may include chemical products like Advocate or Front Line. But I like to give my dogs a break from the chemicals. Coconut oil rubbed into their coat can help repel fleas and ticks. It also makes their coat super shiny and soft. Massage a small amount in daily. Read more on natural flea treatments

Skin Disorders

There are a variety of skin disorders that can make your dog’s skin itchy and inflamed. Gently rub some into the affected area, or mix some with water and spray it in. And because coconut oil is non toxic if she licks it then no harm done. Read more about itchy skin

Cuts, Bites & Small Wounds.

Coconut contains lauric acid which has antibacterial, antifungal and anti-inflammatory properties. Making it an ideal balm for small cuts, wounds, stings and bites.

Sore Ears.

Be very careful with your dog if she has sore and infected ears. Earache is very painful and distressing. Try rubbing some ambient temperature, unrefined oil very gently into the affected area once or twice a day. Find out more about chihuahua ears

Cracked Paw Pads

If you have been out for a long walk or your dog’s pads have got dry and cracked you can run some oil in for a soothing balm. Your chihuahua will  love you for it.


Paw pads can get dry and cracked. Rub some soothing coconut oil.

Coconut oil as a supplement

When taken orally and included as part of your chihuahuas daily diet, coconut oil has a host of health benefits. It can support your dog’s immune system, help with digestive issues and kill parasites. In addition, it improves brain function, supports the endocrine & metabolic system helping to control diabetes and weight control.

What type of coconut oil should I buy?

Virgin coconut oil, preferably organic and sold in a glass (not plastic) jar. Avoid RBD, which means refined, bleached & deodorised. It’s best to avoid RBD because it’s been heated and filtered, which could cause loss of nutrients.


There are lots of places to buy coconut oil. At your supermarket or online.

How much should I give my chihuahua?

As a dosage work with 1tsp per 10lb or 4.5 kg of body weight. For a chihuahua that’s only going to be half a tsp at the most. It is also a good idea to build up gradually to avoid loose stools.

When not to use coconut oil

Coconut Oil does not have enough of an SPF factor to make a good sunscreen so if you are out in the sun then use a good dog specific sunblock.

The advice in this blog is not meant to take the place of good vet advice. But is meant to support your health routine. If you are worried about your dog then always take him to the vet.

Have you used coconut oil for minor ailments. We love your feedback. Please leave comments below.

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  1. Trish Ryder
    January 13, 2019 / 4:50 am

    I give my chihuahua 2 teaspoons of coconut oil every day, 1 teaspoon with each meal. I have found that it helps with his coat, he does not drop hair anymore. After reading this I will drop it back to 1 teaspoon per day. I might also say he looks so healthy and his coat is now very soft for a short hair.

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