9 Healthy reasons to home cook for your chihuahua

You can home cook for your chihuahua

If you want to home cook for your chihuahua, you are going to need to be brave. Without a doubt, you will get criticism from your vet and from people who are hooked on kibble and processed dog food.

They either believe that the pet food industry has the best interest of your dog at heart, or they make money from selling it. If you are not convinced Read 5 reasons kibble is bad for your dog. 


There are also people who like to make out you should have letters after your name before you can home cook for your chihuahua. But, you don’t need academic qualifications to cook for your family and you don’t need them to home cook for your dog. You just need to make sure the food is balanced and has all the nutrients that your chihuahua needs.

Why we recommend it

Home cooking has totally changed the well being of both our chihuahuas.

Mika is less bad tempered, more playful & energetic and takes an interest in his food. His coat is now shiny and soft.  Before; when he was on a kibble based diet, he would only eat at the end of the day when hunger forced him to. That must have been playing havoc with his blood sugar and affecting his behaviour.

Minnie has been having trouble with her weight, and had problems digesting her food. She was prone to wind and always thirsty. She is now full of energy, not a fart in sight I’m happy to say and at the time of writing has lost 0.5kg. She is now at her perfect weight and maintaining it well.

A word about RAW

I feel duty bound to say, that if your dogs will tolerate it, then raw is is a good option. Make sure you choose one that rotates proteins and vegetables. Also make sure you store it correctly and follow the  manufactures instructions about freezing timetables.

For us RAW is not an option Mika won’t eat it and Minnie would regularly go off a batch that she had previously liked which is expensive and annoying. *

The reasons to home cook is compelling:

  • Control over ingredients
  • Control over quality
  • You will know the calorie content
  • You can adjust the diet to suite allergies
  • Your dog will get a varied diet
  • You can add in super-foods to aid flea & worm control and clean teeth.
  • It cheaper and very satisfying.
  • You can batch cook and freeze
  • A varied diet will help prevent cancer.

Keep it balanced

Dogs have a high need for calcium and to keep home cooked food balanced you will need to add some in. Some people may suggest that just adding a spoonful of yogurt or cottage cheese will suffice. But all the research we have done recommends adding bone meal. It’s easy to get hold of, cheap to buy with simple instructions.

The joy of home cooking for your chihuahua is the total control you have over their diet. We add a range of supplements from bone meal for strong bones and teeth, brewers yeast for vitamins which also has the benefit of flea control, salmon oil to seaweed which keeps teeth clean.

You will not need any specialist equipment to home cook for your chihuahua, a slow cooker will be helpful, a blender (hand or jug), a good frying pan or saucepan. You don’t need to keep cooking utensils separate as all the food is human grade food.

Also read the list of foods that you should not feed your chihuahua before you start.

To start with have a go at making Chicken bone broth, one of the most healing recipes ever. It’s golden goodness helps heal a multitude of health problems and it is packed full of vitamins & minerals. Make a batch and freeze it for use as gravy, ice pops, and in times of ill health.

We will be adding more about home cooking for your chihuahua, so follow the blog to keep in the loop.

*(never cook food that is designed to be fed raw because it will contain bone)


Books by Chihuahua Power.

Keeping your chihuahuas teeth clean is vital to avoid tooth loss later in life. Bad dental hygiene can also contribute to heart disease and other chronic health conditions.  Find out  how to brush, what products you can trust and supplements you can add to help with cleaning teeth. Everything you need to know about keeping your chihuahuas teeth clean.


5 thoughts on “9 Healthy reasons to home cook for your chihuahua

  1. norma bronson Reply

    what is recommended for tooth paste for my chihuahua ,right now we use cat paste as it came with the smallest brush and finger brush , i could not find dog paste ,also my baby almost died on saturday ,august 11 ,he was exposed to a toxin and he went into a tail spin of seizures , a liver failure , he has recovered thank god for his vet ,but now we have zero idea why , so his diet is about to change with your home made diet , he was eating stellas freeze dried pucks chicken , lamb kibble , and he ate very little of either , he may also have eaten chocolate that was left in reach , the bone meal you mentioned ,what do i ask for , the rest i can do , thank you

    • Louise Kirby Post authorReply

      Hi there,
      I’m sorry to hear your chihuahua has had such an awful time. Glad he is on the mend. We use Aniforte bone meal, you also need to add brewers yeast for the Vit E.


    • Louise Kirby Post authorReply

      You can buy dog toothpaste in most pet stores, or find a supplier online. We use Dorwest Herbs as it has a grainy texture. Or you can use coconut oil.

    • Louise Kirby Post authorReply

      Hi there,

      I prefer a good quality wet food. You’re looking for a good mix of proteins. I will feed mine Fresh Pet if i’m not cooking or Butcher’s as they like the tripe recipe.

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