About Chihuahua Blood

About Chihuahua Blood
Do you know what blood group your Chihuahua is? Can Chihuahuas donate blood? Do Chihuahuas get low blood sugar?

This article arose from a discussion in the office about chihuahua blood, Can chihuahuas donate blood and do dogs have blood groups in the same way humans do? What happens if your chihuahua needs a transfusion?

This is what we found out.

Blood Groups

Yes, they do have blood groups, there are 13 in total and fall into the categories below.

*Canine blood types are denoted by “DEA,” or Dog Erythrocyte Antigen, and are broken down into eight categories:
DEA 1.1
DEA 1.2

Dogs that are DEA 1.1 positive can be universal recipients, which means they can receive any blood group. DEA 1.1 negative pooches are universal donors which means they can donate to any group. 60% of Greyhounds fall into this category which is why they are the dog donor of choice and they have lovely rich blood.

Greyhounds are the dog of choice when it comes to donating blood.

However, unlike cats, dogs do not have antibodies so they can have one transfusion from any group. After that, antibodies, will be present, so they must have the correct blood group or it could prove fatal.

We did some further research to see if chihuahuas had a predisposition towards a blood group in the way that Greyhounds do.  It would appear they don’t and if you want to find out what blood group your chi is you would need to get a test done. However, if your chi has had other treatment done at the vets it is likely they will have done a test and it will be on record.

Can your Chihuahua donate blood?

We asked the UK Pet Blood Bank if a chihuahua could be a blood donor and not surprisingly they can’t. A dog must weigh over 55kg to be suitable. You can watch a video of how a dog gives blood here.

Dogs must be over 55 kg  to donate blood.

Can Chihuahuas get Low Blood Sugar?

Low blood sugar or hypoglycemia in a person is likely to make them cranky and crave a sugary snack. But for a chihuahua it can become very serious very quickly. chihuahuas have very tiny livers and the smaller the dog the smaller her liver.

Low blood sugar can result from not being fed or missing a meal or too much exercise. The symptoms of low blood sugar are:

Tired and unwilling to play
Nervous and jumpy
Muscle spasms

In an emergency, you can rub a sugary syrup along their gums or add some to their food, but taking them to the vet is essential.

Very tiny chihuahuas (sometimes called teacups) are very prone to hypoglycemia, which is why a lot of them die in crates while they are being shipped over to the UK and USA from Korea.

Tiny chihuahuas and puppies may be at risk from hypoglycemia

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