A guest post by Linda Roberts, Animal Communicator

I specialize in animal communication and have had the privilege of witnessing countless heartwarming stories of people and their beloved animals.  Today, I want to share one extraordinary tale that beautifully illustrates the deep bonds we share with our pets and the possibility of animal reincarnation.

Meet Bandit, a fawn colored chihuahua mix and his devoted human.  They shared an inseparable bond for 11 remarkable years, and their journey together began during a challenging period in their human’s life – a separation from her husband.

A Lifesaving Connection

Bandit, being more than just a pet, became a beacon of love and support during a dark period for his human.  He arrived at precisely the right moment, offering unwavering loyalty and affection.  Their connection was nothing short of magical, and it was clear that they were meant to be together, helping each other through life’s trials.

When Are You Ready to Go?

As Bandit’s age advanced and illness brought pain into his life, his human faced a difficult decision.  She turned to animal communication to seek answers to the most profound questions of all – was it time for Bandit to journey to the Rainbow Bridge?  Had he fulfilled his purpose this lifetime? During our telepathic conversation, Bandit shared his desire to be pain free.  He felt he had brought joy, laughter, and love back into his soulmate’s life.

Love that Knows No Boundaries

Bandit revealed a deeper dimension to the connection he had with his human-they had been together in other lifetimes, sometimes as humans and sometimes as animals.  Bandit and his human were clearly soulmates.

The Promise of Reincarnation

As we continued during the animal communication reading, Bandit’s human asked if he would return to her in this lifetime through reincarnation.  With eagerness, Bandit agreed, revealing through telepathic images that he would return as a small breed dog with black and white coloring. This revelation brought immense relief to Bandit’s human, who cherished him deeply but did not want him to suffer.  The prospect of reunion filled her with hope and warmth.

Watching for Signs

This led her to ask me if Bandit felt like he would come back to her in this lifetime, to reincarnate back to her.

When I asked Bandit if he could return to his human in this lifetime, he agreed, yes, he was hoping she would ask me that.  Bandit informed me via images that were telepathic, that he would return as a small breed dog with black and white coloring.  I confirmed the images he sent to me to be sure that I was seeing his description correctly. 

When I told his human this, she was relieved!  She loves him so much and was having a hard time dealing with his decline.  She didn’t want him to suffer but she also didn’t want to let him go.  When she learned he was planning on returning to her sometime soon, she was hopeful.  

I asked Bandit if there were signs that he would be sending to his human, so she would know that it was him.  He thought for a moment and then told me “Snoopy.”  He said, she would see the name Snoopy (not necessarily his future name but maybe a parent’s name).  He said she would see images of the dog from Peanuts, Snoopy around the time that she would be looking for him.  Those were the signs she was to look for to find him and bring him back to her.

A few weeks after this animal communication reading, I learned that Bandit did peacefully transition to the Rainbow Bridge.  His human was missing him terribly but told me she held onto hope that he would come back to her, in good time.

Almost 2 years later, I learned that Bandit had returned to her as a black and white dog.  They were loving each other again.  His human told me she had no doubt that it is Bandit again.  She says his personality is very similar and his sensitivity to sounds is the same as before (he disliked loud car sounds on their walks) as well as some of his other quirks being similar.

I am relieved to learn that Bandit and his human are reunited again so they can continue to love and support each other again.

The story of Bandit and his human serves as a heartwarming reminder of the profound connections we forge with our animal companions.  The possibility of pet reincarnation brings comfort and hope to those who have experienced the heartache of losing a beloved pet.  When we have a reunion, we find solace in the idea that love transcends time and lives on, enriching our lives in countless ways.

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Linda Roberts

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