Crazy Chihuahua Behaviour Explained

Crazy Chihuahua Behaviour Explained

Crazy Chihuahua Behaviour Explained

Dogs do the strangest things, but some of them are easier to explain than others, we look at some crazy chihuahua behaviour that will make you scratch your head.

#1 Humping Toys

It is not just males that hump, females do it too. Dogs will hump anything, from toys, pillows, other dogs, furniture and legs. While it may seem shocking, it’s an entirely normal and common activity. It is often a learned activity that begins before chis even reach sexual maturity. Humping may give your dog joy or relief, or it could be from boredom and stress. If your dog starts humping everything in sight it could be a sign of a medical issue such as a urinary tract infection.

One of the most common reasons for humping is for establishing dominance and showing who is top dog, particularly when there are many dogs around. Unless humping is constant and disruptive, it is a completely normal behaviour.

#2 Rolling In Your Clothes And Towels

Much like dogs love rolling around where they can smell a fox, rolling in wet towels is pure joy for a chi and is hilarious to watch. Your chi is just enjoying the smell of you as a member of their family and ‘pack’. Wet towels also have a great texture to dogs, and the cooling feeling and the smell is just doggy heaven.

What’s more annoying is when your dog decides to lie on a pile of fresh, clean clothes or feels they need to lie and roll on everything after a bath. You chihuahua thinks they are clever as all they are doing is redistributing the family scent, which is the smell of everyone mixed together.

Strange, but your chi doesn’t want to feel left out and wants to keep the family smell. It might be annoying, but it comes from a good place.


#3 Eating Cat Poo

This crazy behaviour, isn’t unusual, in fact, it has a scientific name of Coprophagia. For puppies, it may start from smelling faeces on their mother’s breath from grooming her pups which can cause puppies to develop the habit. Dogs will also ingest the poo to protect pack mates from the parasites inside the faeces or as a result of malnutrition.

Coprophagia is considered normal because of the good bacteria your chi may ingest and is actually considered a probiotic which can alleviate gut problems and can resolve issues such as diarrhoea. Poo also contains protein, and as dogs are natural scavengers, they’ll eat whatever they consider as nutritious.

#4 Barking At Their Reflection

Seeing a dog that has no smell is a very scary experience for a dog and may feel like a ghost is haunting them. Dogs do not recognise themselves and will identify new friends through smelling, and when an odourless dog appears, it is understandable that they freak out.

Wouldn’t you scream if you saw a stranger randomly appearing in your house? Fortunately, most dogs will learn not to bark at their reflection after a while, a true sign that they are the protectors and fearless!

#5 Taking Food From Their Bowl And Eating Off The Floor

One of the most annoying habits which can make you stir crazy from all the cleaning is when your chi takes food out of the bowl to eat it on the floor. Reasons for this include the sound of the bowl, some chis don’t like the noise of a metal dish or example and like to dine in peace.

Another reason they may eat off the floor is to allow them to eat privately to avoid being challenged by a higher-ranking pack member. Even if there is no competition in your household, your dog may have this instinct which can be hard to break. Both Minnie and Mika do this.

Does your chi have any crazy chihuahua behaviour? We would love to hear your stories. 



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