Garden dangers for your chihuahua?

Ordinarily, we think of a garden as a fantastic place for dogs. They are never happier than when they are outside. Whether it’s catching scent trails, exploring new changes, chasing a neighboring cat away, or simply enjoying the sunshine with you, your chihuahua dog loves being out in the garden.

You can elevate your furry companion’s fun experience a little more by giving your garden an upgrade with some high-quality sods. They can roll, run, or just relax on it depending on their mood. You could look at different options from sites like before actually deciding to get it done.

Fun is one part, but are you aware of all the potential dangers that your backyard may hide? What plants are toxic to dogs? Say, for example, you have a swimming pool in your backyard which has been out of use during winters; it could be dangerous for your chihuahua. Since the pool has been nonfunctional for a while, there might be algae, bacterial buildup, chemical levels could be high, and that can cause your pet skin irritation and other issues. However, preventive measures can be taken to avoid such mishappenings, like you can remodel your pool for summer and keep an eye on your pet when they are in the garden. Additions to your garden may be potential dangers to your precious pet as well. You may not think that a patio could cause a Chihuahua harm but there are potential dangers to be found. One such could be any steep drops and steps. As they are only small a steep set of steps could be hard for them to navigate and even in extreme circumstances cause injury. If this is a concern then you can most likely just speak to either some patio contractors Denver or a local garden landscaping company to discuss safer options for your furry friend.

Similarly, there can be other dangerous things in your garden that may harm your dog. A few of the garden dangers are listed below.

#1 Toxic garden plants

Do you know what plants are toxic to dogs? Many common garden plants are surprisingly poisonous to dogs. Bright, sunny-coloured marigolds, dreamy blue lobelia and vibrant begonias are all plants toxic to dogs. Other poisonous plants include;

  • Poppies
  • Geraniums
  • Clematis
  • Chrysanthemums
  • Wisteria
  • Lilies

There are many more plants that could be lethal so make sure your pup knows not to go near them, or even safer, remove them out of harm’s way. Instead of poisonous plants, opt for herbs that can be good for dogs such as peppermint, burdock and catmint.

Catmint is good for bees as well as your dog

#2 Mouldy bread

A kind gesture of feeding the birds could be catastrophic for your chihuahua. If you leave mouldy bread out for the birds or just bread that’s left out too long, make sure it is completely out of reach of your pooches.

If a dog ingests mouldy bread, the can consume mycotoxins which can make your dog seriously ill. Symptoms can include; vomiting, seizures and even hypothermia, if you suspect your dog has ingested toxic mould, then seek urgent medical assistance from a vet.

Keep bird food off the ground so your chi can’t tuck in.

#3 Outbuildings

Outbuldings and sheds can often be key parts of our homes, allowing us to store our belongings and providing extra space for us to use. However, sometimes these buildings can be a danger to your chihuahua. If they are old or damaged during a storm then they can pose a risk of collapsing which if you four-legged friend is nearby as they may often be out in your garden then this can potentially cause serious harm and injury. to avoid this it might be recommended that if you did notice wear or damage to your shed that you consider replacing it with a newer prefabricated shed or a stronger structure that is less likely to collapse and cause damage.

#4 Slug pellets

We all want to keep pesky slugs at bay to keep our gardens intact, and scattering slug pellets are often seen as the easiest solution. Unfortunately, slug pellets can be fatal to dogs. Slug pellets are appealing to dogs are they are mixed with cereals that make them as inviting as their usual dog food. Sadly, ingesting just 80 grams of slug pellets can kill a healthy medium-sized dog.

It’s important to be aware that many farmers will use slug pellets in high quantities across their fields, so keep your dog safe by making sure they’re always on a lead near farmland.

Slugs and snails are annoying but slug pellets kill pets and have decimated the Hedgehog population

#5 Trespassers

Alarmingly, dog thefts in the UK are on the rise. Criminals are thieving both pedigree dogs to sell or to breed and also stealing dogs for puppy farms. Some sinister thieves will even steal dogs for the horrendous fighting rings.

Usually, dog thefts are highly planned, and criminals may target your pup if your garden is overlooked and you have a regular routine with your dog where your chi is left unattended in the backyard. Make sure to secure your garden well and add higher fences if your backyard is overlooked. Changing your routine regularly will also help to stop thieves.

#6 Wood chipping

Wood chips and mulch are commonly found in plant borders and flowerbeds but can be dangerous to your dog if they start chewing on the wood for two reasons. Firstly, wood chips can cause splinters which could damage their mouths and throats. Secondly, once ingested that can damage the stomach lining or intestines and can cause a dangerous obstruction in their bowels.

Minnie loves wood-chips. I didn’t realise how bad they could be.

Take a critical look around your garden to see what dangers lurk for your dog. Check for loose panels of fencing and make sure that all the plants are safe for your beloved chi to roam around freely. Make sure you know what plants are toxic to dogs to keep your chihuahua safe.