Review of Butternut Box for your Chihuahua

A Review of Butternut Box

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Anyone who follows Chihuahua Power or is a member of our group will have heard me go on and on about dog nutrition. We talk a lot about food. We have been asked by the Butternut Box team to try out their home cooked delivery service.

Happily, many dog owners realise that dry processed kibble is not the answer. Kibble is full of fillers and carbohydrates which can cause obesity and dental issues. This is a problem for chihuahuas who have small crowded mouths, creating the prefect breeding ground for bacteria. That’s why so many older chihuahuas have missing teeth.

Picky Eaters 

Chihuahuas can be picky eaters, when they don’t like what you’ve dished up you get that look and they will often just not eat. I get a lot of enquiries in from worried owners who are pulling their hair out trying to find out what to feed their chi.

So, what do you feed them?

We cook for our chihuahuas and have done for some time. When we had two it was easy, now we have five it takes commitment and can sometimes be a bit of a chore. Also, home cooking is not as simple as serving up a bit of chicken and some veggies, one of the fundamental problems around home cooking is people assume what’s good for you is good for your dog. It isn’t. Dogs have very different nutritional needs to humans. Creating balanced food takes research and know how. It’s not impossible, but you have to want to do it.

Never feed your dog a vegetarian or vegan diet. If you are, stop it.

With Mika we have created our own monster. While the lower ranks of the Chihuahua Power team will happily eat anything, Mika won’t. I’ve tried him on top quality tinned food, he will sort through your offering with his paw, scattering it over the floor and then stare at you until we serve a decent meal. If you are on holiday or traveling, this can be a problem.

Will Mika eat it?

When we got asked to try Butternut Box, the acid test would be ‘will Mika eat it.’ Besides being fussy, he also has a sensitive tummy. The wrong food can send him into a bout of sustained diarrhoea. So, I was very apprehensive about making any changes now I had things under control.

How it works

When you first sign up for Butternut Box you go through a series of questions about your dog’s age, weight, breed, levels and health. This is where I could highlight Mika’s tummy issues.  At, they suggested the end of the questionnaire it that the turkey dinner would be the best idea. So far so good, Mika’s prime meats are turkey and pork.

Besides a meal having 60% Turkey, it also contains carrots, sweet potatoes, peas, cauliflower, broccoli and lentils. It also had brewer’s yeast, which is something I would always add to a home-cooked meal. There are also the expected macro nutrients.

Butternut box cook their food in small batches and it’s heated gently. When manufactures cook food at high temperature, which is part of the process for dry kibble, it loses much of its nutritional value. So, this was excellent news.

I was feeling more confident.

It’s always exciting to get a parcel and when the Butternut Box delivery turned up, the dogs greeted it with the excitement that only five chihuahuas can convey. When we opened the box, we were pleased to see the team at Butternut Box had insulated the food in wool. It also came with an array of nicely presented printed information and a natty little tote bag. We left two pouches out to defrost and packed the rest away in the freezer. The wool went in a large grid bird feeder and has proved popular with the birds for nest building.

Well, did he eat it?

I transitioned Mika carefully, mixing a small amount with his regular food. It worried me he would sniff out the switcheroo, but if he did, he didn’t mention it. When I was fully confident, his stomach wouldn’t rebel, I served him his first full meal.

Mika eats his food slightly away from the lower ranks as he finds the mad dash for scram upsetting and it can put him off his dinner. Simon and I watched with bated breath. He ate the full meal with no hesitation. Wow, that’s never happened with any brought food. Ever! (Can I add in here, don’t stare at your dog when he is eating his dinner. It may worry him and put him off eating that food.) Over the following month it was so nice to have food in the freezer ready to go. It took the strain out-of-home cooking.

Could Butternut Box be the new home cooking?

Butternut Box makes their dog food with love and attention to detail, and if you can’t home cook with confidence but don’t want to feed dry or tinned, this could be the answer. Mika’s meal plan cost £1.31 per day or £36.68 per box.

I would suggest that even for a dog with a sensitive stomach you get your chihuahua used to the other meal plans. You would not want to feed a single protein to your dog over a sustained period. I was pleased to see that the lamb and beef meal contained heart and liver as these are important ingredients (at the correct ratio) to a dog’s diet.

If I had a wish list, I would like to see all meals contain additional white and oily fish and I would still feed my dogs an egg, lightly fried in a little coconut oil once or twice a week.

But yes, I can see Butternut Box contributing great value to your dog’s overall nutritional profile.


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