Why Do Dogs Eat Grass and should I be worried about it?

Why do dogs eat grass? Is it a myth that they do this to be sick? Is there another underlying reason and should I be worried about it?

Last night I cooked ‘Team Chi’ a nice meal with chicken, barley, pumpkin and beans. All balanced with added bone meal and salmon oil. I was quite pleased with myself and it looked delicious even if I do say so!  Minnie wolfed it down as usual then 10 minutes later she was in the garden eating grass and promptly vomited it all up.

Mildly offended, I did some research into why do dogs eat grass and if I should be worried about it.

Why Do Dogs Eat Grass? Ten Facts you Need to Know.

#1 The technical term for eating non-foods, is called Pica. This is different to the eating of pooh which is called Coprophagia. Eating grass is considered a form of Pica.

#2 Eating grass is a throwback to their ancestors who would eat the grass & greens from the stomachs of their kill.

#3 It can be because of boredom if young puppies are doing it. Get them some toys and make sure they are getting plenty of stimulation and exercise.

Make sure your puppy has plenty of toys and things to do.


#4 It is not bad for them unless they are doing it excessively, if this is the case then make changes to the quality of their food, if this is not help follow up with the vet.

#5 It is the tickle of the grass in their stomach and throat that makes them vomit.

#6 Dogs lack the enzymes to break down grass so it has little nutritional value.

#7 They could be eating grass because of a nutritional deficiency craving, again look at their diet and make some changes to the quality of their food and possibly the fibre content.

#8 They may eat grass to make themselves sick. They are bloated or uncomfortable and being sick will make them feel better.

Make sure your dog’s dinner covers all the nutritional needs.

#9 Your dog just likes the process of eating and fancies settling down for a between meals snack. Dogs like to eat and may find the time between meals a long wait. So, chomping on some grass between meals is enjoyable.

#10 Generally eating grass is considered normal behaviour. Unless your chi is doing it excessively then check with your vet. The other issue to watch for is herbicides and poisons. If the grass they are eating has been sprayed then take your chi to the vets immediately.

From my research, I concluded that I had overfed Minnie and she was uncomfortable. Because the meal was low calorie I gave them a bigger portion than I might usually. I think this and her wolfing her food gave her belly ache. But I will keep an eye on her.


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