Signs your Dog is Bored & Cheap Ideas To Amuse Him

Do you dread what you will find when you get in from a shopping trip or from work? If you come home to find chewed shoes, ripped cushions or worse, then it is a clear sign that your dog is bored.

Chihuahuas can be surprisingly destructive for such a small dog. They enjoy a good chew and left to their own devices for long periods of time with nothing to do could result in serious damage to your home. They are active and intelligent dogs and require mental stimulation.

If your chihuahua is doing any of the following then it could be a sign that your dog is bored and needs more to do in the day:

  • Being Destructive & chewing furniture.
  • Pacing and Tail Chasing
  • Listless & Depressed
  • Excessive Barking
  • Excessive Licking & Paw Chewing

How to keep your chihuahua amused for not much money.

Don’t underestimate the importance of going out for regular walks.

When you are home, make sure you take your chihuahua out for regular walks, they may be small, but like any dog they need the stimulation and exercise. Chihuahuas love a sniff, for them, its like reading a newspaper. Make sure they get out once or twice a day for a good walk. If you are out all day, try and arrange someone you trust to take her out for a walk.

Snuffle Matt.

Minnie loves this, it will keep her busy looking for crumbs and she will go back to it more than once. I have never seen one in the shops, this one was brought from our vets and was handmade by one of the nurses. There are plenty of instructional videos online.


Frozen Bone.

Chihuahuas love a bone to chew on the same as any dog. The challenge is getting one that is smaller enough for a chihuahua’s bite. These were brought from Natural Instinct and I will run them through the bandsaw, but you could also get one from the butcher cut to the correct size. Giving them to your chi frozen is fine, it should keep them busier for longer and just think about all the lovely teeth cleaning that’s going on.


Frozen bones are a cheap nutritious way to amuse your chihuahua.


Stuffed Kong Toy.

They do make Kongs that are the right size for a chihuahua, and there are plenty of good ideas for frozen fillings. Cottage cheese, peanut butter, banana. But make sure that you take the calories into account as chihuahuas are easy to overfeed.

You will see some people suggesting making a filling using stock cubes. This is not a good idea as stock cubes are full of salt and chemicals. Make you own using a chicken carcass in a slow cooker for 24 hours, then freeze the juice in an ice cube tray on direct in the Kong. Not only does it taste delicious but it is super good for your chi’s bones and joints.


Super cheap and available from all good pet shops and the shop in the sky.

Game Balls and Puzzles

These are a good idea as they can keep your chihuahua busy trying to get the food out. Again, remember to account for the treats that you put inside.There are lots of designs to choose from, trays with sliding slots and ball that have to be positioned correctly to get the treat out.


There are lots of dog puzzle toys available

Doggy Sand Pit

If you have plenty of space you could try building a digging box or sand pit, fill it with sand and hide some toys for dogs and treats in it before you go out. Could be messy, so this might be better outside or in a utility room.

Hide Treats Around the House

Wrap up some treats and hide them around the house for your chi to find. But be careful where you put them or you could end up with more destruction. Get a neighbour to post a dog friendly parcel through the letter box. A treat (a pig’s ear), wrapped in newspaper that she can rip to shreds. You could time this as well so not everything is done as soon as you go out.


What do you do if your dog is bored? We love to hear your ideas on keeping your chihuahua busy, please leave them in the comments below.