8 foods that are poisonous to dogs (that isn’t chocolate).

Most pet owners know that dogs can’t eat chocolate. Here are some everyday food stuffs that poisonous to dogs and must  be avoided to keep your chihuahua happy and healthy.

The food we believe to be harmless and eat ourselves can actually be poisonous to dogs or at least very harmful to our beloved pooches. To make sure you look after your chihuahua and give them treats that won’t cause them any harm, take a look at the following eight things that are poisonous to dogs , and you may find some surprising!

#1. Avocado 

There is some controversy over this as some experts say you can feed the flesh and others say avoid totally. Avocados contain a compound called Persin, which is poisonous to dogs when consumed in large amounts. While avocados are rich in healthy fatty acids and great for human consumption, this healthy fruit  if fed in large amounts can be life-threatening to dogs. I have seen frosting for dog cakes made out of avocado flesh, so it’s a bit confusing.

#2. Onions

Onions are a high-risk food that must be avoided by dogs at all costs. Onions in any form; raw, powdered, cooked can be poisonous to dogs. Be careful to check ingredients for all human food that you’re thinking of treating your chihuahua with, as onion powder is a common ingredient. If you notice your dog vomiting or having breathing problems after consuming something that may have contained onions, seek immediate advice from a vet.

#3. Garlic

Yes and no. Large amounts of garlic can be poisonous to dog, but in small amounts can have some health benefits and help keep fleas at bay. 

#4. Xylitol

A sweetener used in a variety of food, xylitol can cause your pet’s blood sugar to drop and can cause liver failure. Xylitol is in foods such as sweets, diet food products, yoghurts, shop-bought cakes and toothpaste. Never use human tooth paste on your dog.

If your dog consumes xylitol, look out for symptoms such as lethargy and vomiting. This can be in some peanut butter, so check sure before you feed it or cook with it for your chihuahua.

#5. Caffeine

Caffeine can be fatal for dogs, so keep away all caffeinated products. Cocoa, chocolate, cola and energy drinks can cause restlessness, fast breathing and muscle twitches, so keep an eye out if you suspect your pooch has consumed any of these. Many people use coffee ground in their garden as compost, so try to keep your pet away if you can. 

But that begs the question, what about tea? Mika loves to snaffle the last inch of tea from our cups.

A small terrier would need to drink around five cups of tea or two cups of coffee to reach a life-threatening dose, but half a cup of tea or a quarter of a cup of strong coffee could cause some signs of agitation. But if your chi must drink chi then guess what, you can buy tea for dogs. Yes, Woof and Brew have created a range of herbal teas for dogs. You heard it here!

#6. Grapes

While dogs enjoy some fruits, grapes can cause kidney failure. Even just a couple of grapes can cause a dog to vomit and feel unwell. Signs of grape consumption include sluggishness and depression. This also includes cooked grapes and raisins. If your chihuahua has eaten raisins get him to the vet asap. They will try and induce vomiting and get them out before they are digested. 

#7. Dairy  

Dogs are often allergic to milk products which can cause itching and serious digestive problems. So instead of an ice cream on a hot day, give your pup an ice bone broth slush. Make some chicken bone broth and freeze it in trays. Then before you feed it let it defrost slightly. 

#8. Spices and baking goods

If you’re a keen baker, make sure to keep your dog out of your store cupboard. Baking powder is highly poisonous to dogs, as are certain spices such as nutmeg, paprika and mace. So make sure your dog doesn’t lick the counter-top when you are baking lovely treats for your family.

#9 Nuts

I know it says 8, but I added this one in after I wrote the article. Macadamia nuts and walnuts are very poisonous to dogs and should never be given to your dog. Avoid all large nuts is a good idea as they can cause a blockage and are very hard to digest. But they do love peanuts, cut it up and make sure it’s not salted.