Chicken soup or chicken bone broth has for generations been the panacea for all ills. A cure for belly ache and a broken heart. (Well nearly)

Turns out, chicken bone broth super good for your chi as well. Its golden goodness helps heal a multitude of health problems. A good bone broth is packed full vitamins and minerals and is low in fat & salt. Served regularly will help your chi with long term health and well-being.

Your chi will absolutely love this broth, if your chi has been sick or is in general a picky eater they won’t be able to resist. Use it to feed up a skinny pooch or to help settle a rescue.

Good for Joints

Chicken bone broth is packed full of glucosamine, chondroitin and hyaluronic acid. So, if your chi has problems with stiffness or arthritis a good chicken bone broth will help strengthen joints, ligaments and cartilage, keep supple.

Detoxing the Liver

Every day your dog's liver has a huge amount of work to do. Detoxifying the body from VOCs from household cleaners, scented candles, textile sprays, not to mention spot-on flea treatments. give your dog's live a little love with some chicken bone broth.

According to Dogs Naturally Magazine;

The liver was never meant to suffer this onslaught and its capacity to detoxify is limited by the availability of the amino acid glycine. Guess what has tons of glycine? Bone broth!

Heal a Leaky Gut

The gut is lined with lots of tiny holes that allow nutrients to pass through into the body. However; poor diet, often fed inadvertently, can lead to the holes becoming bigger than they should be. This allows particles through that shouldn’t enter the body. Read more about 5 reasons not to feed kibble.

The body will notice those undigested food particles as foreign invaders and start to attack them. This is how allergies and food sensitivities develop. Dogs Naturally Magazine

The gelatin in the chicken bone broth will help block these holes and help the gut to heal. The outcome should be fewer allergies, less wind & diarrhoea, happy dog and happy you. You can find out more about leaky gut from Dogs Naturally Magazine.

How to Cook Chicken Bone Broth.

You can use a chicken carcass or a whole chicken (the meat from this will be lovely and soft and easy to digest)

Use a slow cooker and cook this overnight:

1 Chicken Carcass.

It can be left over from your Sunday roast if any onion has been removed and there are no meat or skin with lashings of salt & pepper

Juice of a lemon or another citric acid like Apple Cider Vinegar use 2tlbs.

This helps to draw out the minerals from the bones.


Place in a slow cooker, cover with water and allow it to simmer away for 24 hours. Once you have a thick, golden gelatinous liquid you are nearly there.

Skim off any obvious fat then strain off the bones, if you want to be extra sure there are no bones left then liquidise the broth.

As well as being super good for your chihuahua, and other pets it is a fantastic base for your own soups or risottos. So, everyone’s a winner!

Keep it in the fridge and use it as a gravy over food, or it can be frozen into ice-cubes for dog lolly pops for the summer. Keep some frozen for times of ill health or as a special chicken treat. Minnie and Mika love them, but Minnie is finding burying them is not going well!

You can also use other bones if your dog is allergic to chicken. Lamb, beef or even fish make a good bone broth.