Chihuahuas are little rockets, full of energy and are taking the dog agility world by storm

Could you see your chihuahua taking on the big dogs in the dog agility world? Seems they are more than capable of holding their own!

What is dog agility?

Dog Agility has long been a popular past time and is now one of the most popular competitive dog sports worldwide. The sport was introduced at Crufts in 1978, and its structure has not significantly varied since. Dog Agility is a Crufts favourite and enthrals all Crufts visitors.

What’s Involved?

Set up as a course where dogs must be guided around using verbal commands and hand signals. Your dog must navigate the course, which usually consists of colourful jumps, vaulted walks, weave poles, seesaws, A-frames, and tunnels. The full course must by navigated in order of obstacles (usually between 17 and 20 obstacles) and performed as quickly as possible.

It is a fun competition that entertains the viewers and delights the participating dogs. All breeds of dogs are welcome to compete however some breeds are more suited than others, and according to the Kennel Club rules, your dog must be over 18 months old. However, this age bracket can vary across the world.

What characteristics  does my chihuahua need for dog agility

Dogs most suited to agility are dogs that have the following features;

  • High level of physical fitness
  • Good level of obedience
  • Strength and confidence
  • Desire to please
  • Full of energy
  • Very active 

Is my chihuahua too small to take part?

There are three size categories for dog agility, for small, medium and large dogs. Measurements are taken at the withers, which is the ridge between the shoulder blades on a dog. To compete in a small dog category, the dog must measure 35cm or below at the withers. Medium dogs should be between 35cm and 43cm at the withers, and large dogs must measure above 43cm.

Even tiny chihuahuas can take part in dog agility


Recently, a change has been included to Dog Agility competitions that include higher and lower height hurdles that help to make a fair playing field for all dogs. If you feel your dog is at a disadvantage as it is on the smaller side of its competing category,  you can choose to compete in lower height hurdles to make it easier for your pet.

Chihuahuas – proof that tiny dogs can do just as much as bigger dogs

Often thought to be at a disadvantage because of their height, Chihuahuas are taking on the Dog Agility world by storm. Chihuahuas are fantastically adept and confident, which makes them the perfect breed for Dog Agility. Often enthusiastic with good levels of obedience, Chihuahuas are amazing proof that they do not let their size and stature hold them back.

Chihuahuas are little rockets, full of energy and a desire to have fun, which means they often complete the Dog Agility course in super-quick time. If you have a Chihuahua and think they’d fit the bill for Dog Agility then why not find a local club and can try out some Dog Agility training. You will get to know the sport better, while having a lot of fun.

7 Reasons why you and your chihuahua should get involved

  • Great exercise for you and your dog
  • Lose weight through fun rather than hard work
  • Meet new friends through Agility clubs, teams, and shows
  • Give your dog new skills
  • Suitable for all dogs
  • Perfect for building a closer relationship between you and your pooch
  • A growing sport that is easy to get involved with.

Have a go at chihuahua agility and have some fun and meet new friends. We are going to look at it for our two, although I think we need some obedience training first!

If you and your chi are already involved in agility we would love to hear about it and see any videos you have.

To find out more about Dog Agility in the UK you can contact UK agility. Here is their Facebook page.

USA you can contact the USDAA.