Five common dog toilet etiquettes explained

Ever wondered why it takes forever for your chihuahua to find a spot to pee, or why they give you that disconcerting stare when they poop?

1.      Circling a spot

Do you notice your chi being overly fussy of where to go, or they perhaps seem to endlessly circle the vicinity before selecting a toilet spot? There is a simple reason for this and it is similar to the human mindset. As with humans, dogs need to choose a bathroom that is clean and comfortable. Circling the area helps the dogs to inspect their chosen toilet place, trampling grass to check for predators and making sure it is completely safe to go.

Like humans, dogs are vulnerable when going to the toilet and is not a time to be interrupted. Just like we check for locks, chis just want to be careful.

2.      Indecision

Finding the right pee spot takes time, not just because of the safety reasons, but also to find the best place to mark their territory. Peeing is a scented message left for other dogs to point out that they have been there. It is important that information (pee) gets noticed in the dog world and is just like humans wanting to graffiti in noticeable areas. If you’re getting frustrated that your pup is taking ages to go, be patient, they just want to boost their social status.


3.      Kicking up dirt

While it may get them covered in mud, resulting in a bath, or mess up your flower beds, kicking up dirt is just a way of your chi making a name for themselves. Dogs don’t just pee for health reasons, they want to mark their territory and tell the dog world ‘I own this place’.

When peeing is not enough scent, dogs like to scrape their feet across the ground as chis have scent glands on their feet. When they do this, they get double exposure, to show they have really made their mark.

4.      The pee stare

Ever noticed that your chihuahua stares at you when they pee? Some owners think this is your pup asking for privacy, but it’s almost the opposite. They are asking you to keep an eye out for predators while they are at their most vulnerable.

It can be a bit disconcerting though, the look you get when they settle down for a poop!

5.      Orientation

Perhaps an unusual practice that you may not have noticed, but because dogs are highly magneto-sensitive, they often choose their bathroom breaks so that they are aligned to face north or south. Researchers have conducted many studies and have found that many dogs will orientate themselves during toilet time.

Being your own personal compass is an impressive feature for any dog and often dogs will exhibit this remarkable behaviour when the earth’s magnetic field is calm.

Does your chi show any of these signs while peeing? Can you navigate yourself when your pup uses the bathroom? Or perhaps your pooch has their own quirks that we haven’t covered? Let us know!