How effective is CBD oil for dogs?

Cannabidiol or CBD oil for dogs is now getting very popular with dog owners. It has a huge range of therapeutic benefits and is considered effective and safe by many.

CBD oil is widely available in the UK (and other countries) both on the high-street and online. You can buy it from Holland and Barrett and many other retailers associated with wellness.

What is CBD oil?

CBD oil is one of many chemical compounds found in the cannabis plant or hemp plant (a variety of the cannabis plant). It is mixed with a palatable carrier oil, such as hemp or coconut and is sometimes flavoured with turmeric.

What CBD oil isn’t

Unlike cannabis, it does not contain any or has very low doses of THC (tetrahydrocannabidiol) which is the part of cannabis that will get you high. To be legal in the UK it must not contain more than 0.2 % THC. Takeaway here is CBD oil won’t get you or your dog high.

It’s important not to get confused and think it’s OK to give your dog cannabis. Dog’s should never be given products that contain high levels of THC, it’s extremely dangerous and if you suspect you dog has eaten regular cannabis then he must be taken to the vet as an emergency. They can also be affected by second hand smoke from cannabis in the same way people can.

How does CBD oil for dogs’ work?

Dogs contain the same cannabinoid receptors in their brain and nervous system that we do. These receptors are involved in physiological processes around pain, mood, memory and appetite. CBD oil will target these receptors and help restore balance.

What can CBD oil for dogs’ be used for?

The therapeutic uses for CBD oil for dogs are wide, which is why people are so excited about it. There are also an increasing number of different products that you can purchase for you pet, for example you could get various oils that we’re speaking of in this article, or other products like this that can be used on their paws and on their skin under their fur. Some of the areas CBD products can help with are:

Pain relief from torn ligaments, luxating patella, surgery, hip dysplasia, basically any condition that causes chronic pain
Anxiety and stress from separation anxiety to fireworks and thunder phobias
Reduces inflammation
Help with appetite, nausea and vomiting
Reduces seizures and muscle spasms
Some advice suggests it can help relieve some of the symptoms associated with dementia
Help with dry itchy skin conditions
There is some evidence to suggest that CBD oil can shrink tumours and aid cancer treatment

It can be hard to tell if your dog is in pain as they are programmed to hide it. Read, How to tell if my chihuahua is in pain.

How to buy CBD oil for dogs

CBD oil is expensive and like most things you get what you pay for. The good news is you only use a very small amount at a time. You need to do your research and be confident that the product you are buying is good quality.

Try and buy organic gold grade oil (lower grade oil will be darker) from a supplier that is happy to provide you with a certificate of analysis. That is, they can back up the ingredient list and % of CBD their product contains. An oil that is mixed with coconut is good as it is more palatable and coconut aids with the absorption.

You can buy it online and, we have brought from who are a dog sanctuary in Wales and use the products on their dogs. You can also buy it on the high street from Holland & Barrett and Grape Tree. It depends on where you live.

Avoid treats and snacks that advertise as CBD oil for dogs as they may not contain enough CBD to be effective.

Avoid oil that contains essential oils, unless you know exactly what the oils are treating, and how much the product contains.

Will my vet prescribe it?

Vets are coming around to the idea that CBD oil has many therapeutic benefits and CBD oil is classified as ‘medicinal by function’ . It will be interesting to see if vets take this product on board or prefer to stay with more traditional remedies.

How much should I give my dog?

Start with a low potency oil. According to Dogs Naturally Magazine you should give 0.2mg per 10lb of weight, that can be difficult to translate, and measure. Simply CBD give a more helpful guide:

0-10kg = 1 drop
10-20kg = 2 drops
20-30kg = 3 drops
30-40kg = 4 drops
40-50kg = 5 drops

Are there any side effects of giving CBD oil to my dog?

CBD oil is considered a safe and effective treatment for many conditions and it is very difficult to overdose a dog with CBD oil. The main side effects that have been noted are increased thirst and tiredness.I have been happy with the results of using CBD oil on my own chihuahuas, Mika for pain and stress associated with an anal gland infection and for Minnie who has allergies and gets itchy & stressed and is prone to pulling her fur out. But, if you are in any doubt please speak with your vet or pet healthcare professional.

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