Chihuahua grooming: How to keep your chihuahua looking fine

Good news! Chihuahuas are one of the easiest dogs to keep in tip-top condition, whether you have a short-haired or long-haired variety, chihuahua grooming is relatively straightforward meaning you can keep your chi chi looking their best at all times.

From brushing and bathing to clipping, here are some of the best ways to keep your chi looking clean, shiny and even more adorable.


As we know, every chihuahua is different and depending on how muddy your pup likes to get, will depend on how often they need brushing. Normally, it is good to give your chihuahua a full body brushing once a week or once a fortnight. Brushing gets rid of knots, matting, debris and keeps the coat shiny and glossy.

Tip: make sure you brush the whole coat, not just the top layers as brushing will help to pull out any dead hairs and stimulate the oil production which keeps their skin and fur healthy.

You can get a whole manner of dog brushes; we find that a rubber curry brush works best as it is gentle and effective. Some may find they have better success with a flea comb or de-shedding tools such as the FURminator. With all brushes, it is best to be careful, the hard metal combs can hurt a chi’s delicate skin, and you want your chihuahua to enjoy being pampered, not wince at the sight of a comb.

Bathing your chihuahua

Depending on their love of water, bathing can be a fun experience or a nightmare with your chi.

Due to their small nature, you many find a sink or baby bath better than a bathtub, this will also be a less intimidating experience for those nervous of water.

Make sure to use cotton wool in their ears to avoid water entering the ear canal. Generally speaking, a bath once a month is best for your pup, as bathing too much can cause dry and irritated skin.

Some chis love a warm bath some hate it!

Tip: Always make sure to use specialist dog or puppy shampoo and conditioner as human shampoo can alter your chi’s pH balance. If there is a particular area of matting, lather up with lots of conditioner and ease the knots out with a rubber curry brush.

Always make sure to give your chihuahua a good rinse and don’t be afraid the repeat the rinsing process as many times as you think is best. Any soap residue can cause skin and fur problems so keep rinsing until you’re completely happy and have a warm fluffy towel on standby for cuddles afterwards.

Be prepared for your chi to zoom around like a maniac after his bath. This running around is how they deal with the stress of the situation. Let them have a good shake as this removes 70% of the water.  If you are going to dry him with a hair dyer, (Mika loves it Minnie doesn’t), make sure you check the temperature so you don’t burn delicate skin.

Cutting your chihuahua’s nails

While walking helps to keep Chihuahua nails in check, this can lead to uneven nail growth. Trimming can be scary for owners and dogs alike, but it is an important step to prevent ingrown nails, discomfort and irregular gait.

The vet or the groomers will do it for you if your too scared. You can expect to pay from around £9.00.

If your dog still has his dewclaw then make sure the groomer trims it as well. It never gets worn down with walks and can curl around and dig in.

Some people like to remove the dew claw, but it does have its uses.

Tip: Keep your nail trimming tools clean and sharp and always have Quick Stop or septic powder on hand if you accidentally cut the nail down to far.

Treats are a must have after a nail trimming experience, make sure you offer a reward to your chihuahua, so that nail trimming is not a feared event.

Enjoy grooming

Chihuahua grooming can be a fun and enjoyable activity for both you and your chihuahua dog, so keep a regular grooming routine so you can look forward to and enjoy a relaxing activity together and keep your pooch looking gorgeous.

Fleas and ticks

It’s personal choice over using a chemical flea treatment. I keep them in the house and will only ever use them in an emergency. I prefer to use more natural methods when I can. If you do use flea spot-on give them a rest in winter when there is less likely chance of fleas. 

Ticks need to be pulled out as soon as you see them. Using tick collars is unhelpful as the tick still needs to bite your dog to get poisoned itself. By the time that happens it has already injected bacteria into your dog. these collars can also cause skin irritation and burning. I would avoid.

Teeth cleaning

Teeth cleaning is an important part of your chihuahua grooming session. It is a chore and can be difficult if your chihuahua is not feeling the love. But it’s not something to ignore as the bacteria that builds up in the mouth can get into the blood stream and cause a range of different health issues like heart disease. Try and clean their teeth at least once a week. There are additives you can put in their food to help with removing plaque. You do need to avoid some of the dental sticks that are on the market as they really don’t replace brushing and can add a lot of calories. Same with dry kibble, if you are relying on dry kibble to keep their teeth clean, don’t. It has been proved that these products actually make the issue worse.

It’s such a big subject and so important we have put all you need to know about how to brush teeth into an eBook. It gives tells you how to brush, how diet can help keep your chi’s teeth clean and what you can do if getting into your chi’s mouth with a brush is just out of the question. This book can save you ££££’s at the vets.

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