What is Neem Oil ?

Neem Oil for dogs is a must have for your medical box. It is oil that has been pressed from the fruits and seeds of the Neem tree. An evergreen shrub that is native to India. It can vary in colour from golden yellow to light brown. It smells a bit astringent a bit like peanuts and garlic. Comes in tubs, sprays and as supplements.

Neem oil has a multitude of benefits for dogs, the oil has anti-fungal, anti-bacterial, antiseptic and anti-inflammatory qualities, it is an excellent product for dogs. There are so many reasons for using neem oil for dogs. Neem oil seems to be the product we have all been waiting for. Especially if your
chihuahua has been suffering with skin allergies or is aggravated with fleas.

Why we’re loving neem oil 

I use it all the time direct from the pot. Dab it on cuts and sores. The only issue for us is Minnie just loves the taste and tends to lick it off.

Neem oil also helped clear up harvest mites. Nasty little buggers that bury themselves under the skin. Even when they’ve been eradicated they can have last issues with itchy skin.

What’s the miracle?

Neem oil works miracles on dogs with fleas, ticks, intestinal parasites and mange mites. Can help provide relief for you dog with persistent skin problems that have not cleared up with prescription medication. Potentially save you £100s in vet bills and save you dog from stressful medications and vet visits. 

 According to discoverneem.com:

People usually discover neem when struggling with a persistent condition that no nasty prescription drug could clear up. And then: a natural product resolves the problem seemingly overnight. It is not surprising that we forever read about the “miraculous” abilities of neem and neem oil.

Neem Oil as sunscreen and coat conditioner

We love Gerrard Larriett Neem & Coconut Sunscreen & Skin Conditioner. It works as a sunscreen and has the added benefit as it will repel fleas and ticks while you are out and about. This is not an affiliate link, we just love it!

 I apply it to their bellies before a walk and on the tips of Mikas’ ears as he is blond. Spray it onto your hands then rub it in. The spray alarms the dogs.

As a flea and mite treatment and to heal itchy skin

Neem oil is a natural pesticide and miticide and can be used to treat flea and mite infestations, either buy (or make) neem oil for dogs shampoo and bath your dog regularly.  To make a shampoo.

We buy our Ekoneem shampoo bar from https://ekoneem.com/products.html A lovely lady in Scotland UK who imports and makes the soap.


How to make Neem oil skin balm

Make a spray

You can make your own spray to use on walks and clean paws and to promote healing on itchy dry skin. Here is a recipe from Discoverneem.com.  You will need to make a new spray daily as it doesn’t keep

You can also use it as a balm, as it comes in a pot.



Internal parasites

Neem can be give as a supplement to your dog’s diet to kill off internal parasites. Dried leaves or bark, but I am having trouble finding a supplier in the UK.