Is chihuahua behavior driving you nuts? Are you trying to manage constant chihuahua barking, fear aggressive behavior?

Chihuahuas are one of the most surrendered breeds and much of this is down to chihuahua behavior. Constant barking, meltdowns at other dogs on a walk, aggressive and snappy with visitors.  

Chihuahuas can be a challenging breed to manage. Displaying behaviors that leave owners frustrated and baffled. Wondering what they’ve done wrong and with no idea how to solve it.

The advice on dealing with these behaviors is awful, things like shaking cans of coins, squirting them with water or lemon juice, citronella & shock collars. These punishment based training methods are very damaging to your chihuahua’s confidence and ultimately your relationship.

Why they don’t work

The reason they don’t work is the dog is not making the pairing of the punishment with the behavior and learning not to repeat it. This is a human concept, but it’s not how dogs think.

What really happens is the stress and anxiety of the punishment is paired with the event or thing they are barking at. Can you see the difference?

Conflict of emotion drives challenging chihuahua behavior

Some people swear these methods work, and they might do in the moment because they shock and frighten your dog. But you will pay for it down the line as it erodes your relationship and your dog’s confidence. Conflict of emotion creeps in and your chihuahua is never sure if they need to defend themselves or not. This is when they start to snap and growl at strangers, bite their owners ‘out of the blue’ and bark at every noise.

Get help with chihuahua behavior at Chihuahua School

I want to reach as many owners as possible that need help with chihuahua behavior. Teach you how to get a calm, confident dog that’s not barking at every noise and can ignore other dogs on a walk.

Chihuahua school is an online programme that you can access from anywhere. I will teach your how to transform chihuahua behavior and grow a calm dog that’s a pleasure to walk.

Training is self-paced videos short videos that are easy to follow. Training is 100% force-free and fun for you and your chihuahua. Anyone can follow it, regardless of mobility and where you live.

Get help with chihuahua behavior


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