Join us on the first Chihuahua Power Meet-Up

One of our favourite spots for a stroll is Hawley Meadows in Blackwater Valley. It has a good secure car park and once you are in the meadow it is safe for the dogs to go off lead.

We would love to start a series of chihuahua meet-ups and walksat locations around the country. Join us on the inaugural chihuahua walk! 

Where: Hawley Meadow Blackwater Valley Camberley  

Hawley Meadow, Blackwater Valley, Camberley. The meadows run alongside the A331. This traditional floodplain grazing meadow with areas of wet grassland and grazing marsh, has been the focus of extensive landscape and habitat improvement work. It is a really nice place to walk with your dogs. We have seen Herons, a Kingfisher and lots of butterflies.

The main car park is located off the northbound carriageway of the A331 between the M3 and the A30 opposite Watchmoor Business Park. If you are coming from Camberley then you need to turn into Watchmoor Park to get across the A331.

The area is grassed but I would suggest you could get a wheelchair over the bridge and around the proposed walk.

When Sunday June 11th 2017 11am

We are proposing Sunday June 11th at 11am. Walking around the perimeter of the meadow is just over a mile. Just long enough to get your chihuahua some exercise. Bring a thermos and a blanket for a cuppa and a sitdown at 12-12:30.

Once you pull into the carpark, enter the meadow by going over the bridge and we will meet by the bench on the left. But we will put a sign up.

Who’s Invited?

Bring your chihuahua family. Non chihuahua siblings and friends are also welcome. (As long as they are chihuahua friendly). Some chihuahuas find socialising with other dogs a challenge, but chis do have a tendency to get along with their own breed. The walk might be an excellent opportunity to socialise your chihuahua and make some new friends. 


Minnie had an impromptu dip in the river.

Bad Weather

Chihuahua are generally not very fond of the rain, so if it is pouring then we will arrange for another day. If it is just drizzle then we will go ahead.

Poo Bags

We will bring spare bags but all dog owners are obliged by law to clean up after their dogs. Please make sure you have the means to clean-up after your dog. Plenty of dog bins are situated around the site.


This is an informal meeting and Chihuahua Power accepts no responsibility for damage to your property. You are obliged to keep your dog under control at all times and you the owner are completely responsible for your dog at all times. You bring yourself and your dog entirely at your own risk. Please don’t bring dogs who are in season!


If you would like more information then please email us at [email protected]


We look forward to seeing you there.