More Than One Chihuahua? Do you Have Multiple Chihuahua Syndrome?

More Than One Chihuahua? Do you have Multiple chihuahua syndrome?

There is a saying that once you get a chihuahua you can’t have just one. I think it must be true as most people I know with chis have more than one chihuahua.

What is it about this little saucy little dog that makes them so addictive?  You start out with one and before you know it you have three or four. More chihuahuas must mean more fun, more chihuahua snuggles & kisses and more chihuahua love. It does, but their are other considerations to.

The Good

Chis are quite small so having more than one chihuahua doesn’t pose the logistical problems that having several large dogs might. You can easily transport them if you are off to the park. Walking them on the lead, unless they are well trained, can be fun to watch. Performing the lead dance that resembles the French Knitting we did as children.


They will play together so you are not totally responsible for their entertainment, having just one dog can mean they want your attention all day, it is also better for them if you are going to be out at work. If they are friends they will snuggle up together, lick ears and play. It is a pleasure to watch your chihuahuas make up silly games and chase each other around.

Having more than one chihuahua means they will play with each other

Better for them

Having more than one chihuahua is generally better for the dogs. But beware, chihuahuas don’t always get on with other breeds. They are known for their preference for a chihuahua based pack. That doesn’t mean they never get on with other dogs, there are plenty of examples of it working. But if you introduce a chihuahua into a mixed breed dog pack it could prove difficult. Especially if the other dogs are large. This could stress your chihuahua who may respond with fear biting behaviour.

The Bad

Chihuahuas like a pack hierarchy, they like to know who is in charge and if they perceive they can do the job better they will step up. This can cause conflict with an older more mature dog who might want a quieter life or disturb the natural order of your established pack. Once your chihuahua has decided he is in charge he could get bossy or aggressive over food and resources.

More Training

Training more than one chihuahua can be harder than training one, as your focus is divided and you can’t always get multiple dogs to do what you want at the same time. This can be especially true of chihuahuas who can be stubborn. Getting your chihuahua pack to not bark at visitors or the postman would be essential!

More chi-wee

Toilet training chihuahuas can be a challenge, some chis can take up to 2 years to get reliable so if you have a multiple chihuahua household you are going to need a more relaxed view to accidents in the house and a good chi-wee cleaning system.

Littermates no no

If you think you want more than one chihuahua, and who wouldn’t, don’t be tempted to get littermates. It might seem like a good idea when they are puppies, but as they mature it can cause conflict and fighting or they become so bonded to each other they take little notice of you. Littermate syndrome is a thing and most dog behaviour experts agrees that littermates are not a good idea.

Dont be tempted to get littermates. However cute!

The Expense

Multiple dogs will also mean multiple vet bills, flea treatments, nail clipping and vaccinations. Having more than one dog can be very expensive. Chemical flea control can be as much as £9.00 per month per dog. Plus the cost of insurance which has gone through the roof, boarding if you want to go on holiday, passports if you are taking them with you. This is when using natural flea control, cooking your own dog food and learning to clip nails comes into its own.

Do you have a multiple chihuahua household? We would love to know how they all get on.

15 thoughts on “More Than One Chihuahua? Do you Have Multiple Chihuahua Syndrome?

  1. Kelly

    I have lots of chihuahuas they all get on the litter mates aswell

  2. Angiemiklavicm

    I have 2 daisy and duke ..daisy 10 duke 5 she us the bug chi of the house duke loves daisy she loves him when she wants but will get in his face barking to correct him when he us bad and yes..she tattles on him if he has an accident. I love them with all my heart .

  3. Lysa

    I brought a chi pup into a home with 6 hunting feists and a pitbull. She was quickly adopted by the feists and considered a part of our pack. She still doesn’t care for my pitbull tho. It has taken almost 2 years for her to stop harassing the pitbull who thankfully seems to regard the chi as a wayward child to be tolerated. All my dogs have extensive training and share food/water with a few kitties as well. The chi is not a nervous shaky little ankle nipped and does well with the other animals as well as people both known and new. I believe my training was important as well as extensive socialization.

  4. Kate

    I have 3 chihuahuas thinking about a 4th
    There ya definitely a pecking order but all 3 sleep in same bed happily ! They definitely prefer their own kind . The oldest and smallest 3 lb. chi. is the boss and keeps the other two in check ! ?

  5. Donna Johnson

    Looking for a young longhair Apple Head Female Chihuahua to adopt. Elderly retired Female with no animals. Need a lap baby

    • Louise Kirby Post author

      Hi You need to apply to your local shelters, we are not a rescue. Good luck , let me know how you get on.

  6. Sherry Flatford

    I have four chihuahuas two of them our 3 and the other two are 2 they came from the same mom &dad. My problem is they tear the foam of my bead and the stuffing out of my pillows that really just started and I think they did that cause I had them locked up in a room away from us even though they could see us. The pillows its a aggression thing with one of them but one does the other follows. Toilet paper oh goodness under the bed . Sometimes when we go somewhere if there good we don’t lock them up in the bathroom or there cage and come home to no mess what so ever then Sometimes we come home to Magizines and there pads destroyed all over the house. I whip them after I show them what they’ve done even though they seem to know but act like baby children and what that love. Any suggestions

    • Louise Kirby Post author

      Your dogs are stressed and overwrought. At no point should you ever punish your dog physically or verbally. They have no sense of right and wrong and will just be plain scared of you as they have no idea why you are doing what you are doing. dogs do their best in human environments, you need to look at what behaviour they are displaying and think about what is causing it.

    • Patrick

      I’m sorry, did you say you WHIP them? My suggestion is to… not own dogs if you are going to whip them. How cruel and misguided.

  7. Angie J

    Or just take those dogs away from this lady. Those dogs must be terrified and perhaps behaving like that out of fear and aggression. How horrible to admit this type of abuse. I am looking to adopt a couple chihuahuas so if she is looking to give them up to a more patient (and non-abusive) owner, I would maybe be interested.

  8. Hilary King

    @Sherry- your comment disgusts me. If I had your address I’d be reporting you & have your dogs taken away.

  9. Maya

    My baby Pebble is going to be two years old in September and I am debating wether to buy another puppy (It would be a full sibling and arrive towards the end of June)
    Pebble currently lives with me at my dads house with her brother & Sisters, a 14 year old Chihuahua, Poppy.. a 17 year old shih tzu, Lulu… and a 3 year old GSD Caesar.

    She gets along amazingly with all dogs, but isn’t overly fond of human interaction where people were unfortunately hesitant to visit or stroke her during covid.
    She absolutely adores me, but is even resistant to let my dad hold her & will not settle if I’m not at hone for the evening.

    I’m anxious for when I go on holiday or back to work full time.. and thinking to the future, scared that when I live alone with her, the loss of the other dogs presence would cause her to become sad.

    I really want to do what is best for pebble.
    I am against the idea because quite frankly, I adore her, she’s my soul dog and I’m over the moon to just spend my time with her.
    (Almost hate the idea of having to give time and attention to another pup)
    However, if she will still be my baby, and find enjoyment + more comfortability having a little sister around, I’d be inclined to ❤️

    Sorry it’s so long! Thank you in advance for advice/ responses.

    • Louise Kirby Post author

      There is something to be said for having more than one dog as long as they get along, so careful introduction is key as you have a lifetime to regret rushing it. If she is not happy with people then this is something to look at and start to build her confidence around humans as you don’t want her to become difficult to handle at the vets or if you have to go away and she has to stay wit your dad.

  10. Lee

    Ive owned dogs all my life,from toy poodle now 18, 3 Bichon’s all heaven now.
    My Percy Chow Chow ,passed at 16 yrs old,
    NEVER EVER, EVER, did l punish or Whip my darlings.


    YOU DONT DERSERVE ANIMALS, Lady thats why there tearing up things,
    Their suffering from extreme anxiety…

    Please get yourself trained to own them..

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