Get ready for winter!

Get ready for the cold weather and have a winter ready chihuahua. Everything you need to keep your chihuahua happy and safe in the big freeze.

Are you gearing up for a cold snap or a snow blizzard? Just a flutter of snow in the UK causes havoc. As a nation we seem uniquely incapable of coping with even a couple of inches of the white stuff!

But, no matter where you are in the world getting snowed in can cause problems, so whether you are up to your knees in snow or it’s just a few inches here are some tips to keep your chihuahua safe and well.

Peeing out doors

Anyone with a chihuahua will know that once the weather turns it can be difficult to get your chi to go outside to wee. They don’t like being cold and they don’t like being wet. I find with Minnie, if she won’t go outside because it’s raining changing the location helps. if I go out the front of the house instead, she will follow out of curiosity and wee without thinking. But getting some pee pads in might also be a good idea if they will use them.

Looking after their Paws

Wipe their paws after a walk to remove any rock salt or antifreeze. Rock salt can cut a dog’s pad or get caught between their toes and cause irritation.

Antifreeze is poisonous for dogs so wipe their paws when you come in from a walk. You never know what people have put down to clear the path and you don’t want your dog licking and ingesting this.

A good alternative to rock salt on your drive is cat litter. It won’t melt the ice, but it will give you some grip.

Make or buy a paw balm and apply it to your chis pads to stop them from cracking. There are plenty of good recipes to make them, but they are also cheap to buy. If you get caught out just use some coconut oil mix it will a little neem oil if you have some. Neem oil is a must have for your canine medical box.

Wash their paws when they come in, dry them and then apply the balm. (don’t apply if he has a cut pad)

Dealing with cut a pad.

Wash the paw and remove any obvious debris, apply an antiseptic or neem oil. Place a gauze over the wound and wrap gently in a bandage. Use tape to keep it in place but not too tight. A deep cut may need your vet’s attention as he may need antibiotics.

Health checks

Get your senior chi a health check before the cold weather sets in. If your chi is an old-timer it might be a good idea to get a health check before the cold weather hits. Also make sure they have a nice warm bed away from drafts and a cosy blanket to burrow under.

Be extra careful around frozen ponds and lakes. Never throw balls onto frozen lakes or ponds. You don’t know how thick the ice is.

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Keeping Warm

Dogs lose most of their heat through their pads and mouth, but they will still appreciate a warm coat or jumper. If your chihuahua’s not used to wearing a jumper, it might be a good idea to get them used to wearing one gradually before the cold weather hits.

While indoors, maintain warm room temperatures using an electric or firewood furnace. In case you do not have one, consider purchasing it for the sake of your ‘chi’. And yes, do not worry about the installation! You can visit websites like to contact a professional who can do this work quickly. However, if you already have a furnace installed, then this might be the time to check if it is working properly. If you notice hissing sounds or a strange smell coming out of your furnace, then it might be a good idea to contact the likes of Barnett Electrical ( who can send professionals to deal with problems quickly.

Besides this, remember to never leave dogs outside for prolonged periods. Your chi will probably enjoy the snow, and they still need to get out for a sniff about and to do dog stuff. But they are small and will get cold quickly, so don’t leave them out for too long. Chihuahuas shiver for different reasons and also if they are cold, so if your chi is trembling, put on a jumper.

Medication & Food

Make sure you have any prescriptions filled. If your chihuahua is on medication make sure you don’t run out. Check what you have in and don’t leave it till the last minute to get more. Also make sure your medical box is fully stocked.

Have have plenty of dog food in, no matter what you feed make sure you have plenty in. They can be fussy eaters so getting caught without their favourite food would be stressful.

Make up a batch of chicken bone broth as an extra nourishing treat after a walk.

If you have some pictures of your chi in the snow, we would love to see them. Please send them in to our Facebook page.