Please help, my chihuahua is a picky eater!

This is a common cry for help that comes into the blog on a regular basis.  If you are pulling your hair out because your chihuahua is a picky eater then here is a ten step plan to help you get dinner time back under control. 

Change in behaviour?

First: is this a change in behaviour? If your chihuahua used to love his food, then suddenly has stopped eating and is refusing everything, a trip to the vet is in order. He may be ill and need attention. Look for signs that your dog is in pain.

The most obvious reason your chi chi is a picky eater is that he doesn’t like the food you’re giving him. But, chances are, if you are reading this then you have already tried about 6 different brands of wet and dry food and are tearing your hair out worrying that your dog is not getting the nourishment he needs.

First, you need to relax a bit, even if your chihuahua is a picky eater, no healthy animal is going to willingly starve themselves to death. If your chihuahua is bouncing around barking at everything then he is in no immediate danger. But that doesn’t mean you don’t want to change the feeding regime, so you have a better idea of what your dog is actually eating.

How big is your chihuahua?

How big your chi is will guide how much he needs to eat. If neutered or spayed (dogs that have been de-sexed will need fewer calories), how active your dog is and any medication he may be on. Your vet should be happy to provide this information. 

Over feeding and the health of your chihuahua

Most dog owners inadvertently overfeed their dogs. It is difficult not to as the instructions on dog food packets are often vague and, at the time of writing manufacturers are not required to put the calorie content of their food on the packet. If you dog does soft poops at night then it is a sure sign that he is being overfed. Also if poops are greasy looking then there is too much fat in their diet. find out more about perfect poop here. 

Changed perceptions

I think also, there is a danger that dog owners have changed their perception of what is an acceptable body aesthetic for their dog, fearing criticism if their dog appears to be too thin, when in most cases some rib definition is desirable. I am always getting criticised over Arlo and how thin he is. But he’s a string bean, that’s who he is. Trying to stuff more food down him just upsets his stomach. 

How much is too much?

A very tiny chihuahua, who has been spayed, may only need 150 calories a day, if you split this up over three meals then each meal is only 50 calories. This is nothing to the average human eye, a small treat or table scrap could contain all the calories your dog needs for that meal. But I would stay away from calories and work with the amount of grams for his size. It’s easier to work with. 

What to do if your chihuahua is a picky eater

#1: Find out how many grams of food you dog need for his body weight. You can do calories, but this can be harder to calculate.

#2: Change to a dog food that you can weigh and commit to weighing their food out for each meal.  This is essential. Buy a scales if you need to. 

#3: Don’t be too predictable and mix up the feeding routine. Try kong feeding or take his food out with you when you go for a walk and feed as rewards for games and recall training. It doesn’t matter how they get their grub after all and research does show that dogs like to work for their food. Ditch the bowel is the new feeding revolution. You heard it here first! I’ll be writing more about this soon.

#4: Stop feeding treats and feed their dinner as rewards. See 3. To your dog, food is food. A single dog treat contains lots of calories. Plus they are super expensive and don’t contain a balanced meal.

#5: Goes without saying, stop any table scraps you are giving your chihuahua.

#6: if you are out for a walk introduce a meal when you get home. It will appeal to your chihuahua’s instinct that he has been out on a hunt and is eating his catch. If they still don’t eat then see 3 & 4

#7: Stop fussing: If you keep introducing different foods every time your chihuahua turns his nose up then you are making life hard for yourself and turning your chihuahua into a diva.

#8: More stop fussing: Standing over your dog or following him around with the food bowl will not encourage him to eat it just cause stress. Never watch your dog eat.

#9: Relax: If your chihuahua picks up tension around feeding time he is going to wonder what is going on and start to feel  worried as well. 

#10: Stop worrying: The takeaway from this is to stop worrying, the chances are your chihuahua is eating more than you think. You just need to pinpoint where his food is coming from and get it under control.

Please not these guidelines are for healthy dogs, if you are trying to rehabilitate a rescue or nurse a dog back to health then please work with your vet or local dog nutritionist for tailored advice.

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8 thoughts on “Please help, my chihuahua is a picky eater!

  1. Bee Reply

    My chi was picky as a pup but I then brought a graze mat from eBay and made meal times fun ,now he squeaks with excitement waiting for dinner

  2. Silla Reply

    I am a small scale breeder of Chihuahua for 19 years..
    I feed all adults one time a day,puppy’s and youngster 2-4 times a day.
    I am very strict on keeping my dog fit!

  3. Peggy Beckwith Reply

    My chi will not eat unless she is sitting on my daughters lap, and we are both present, and we both have to tell her to eat. She will go without eating until she throws up bile. The Vet says the dog will not let herself starve, and to stop feeding her this way. But, when we refused to give in, and wait her out, she will go all day without eating, start gagging up bile, and into the next day, then get the shakes. We give in, she eats and is happy. We don’t know how to change this. It kills us to see her whine and wimper for food that is sitting right in front of her. How to let her know that it is ok to eat on her own?

    • Louise Kirby Post authorReply

      Ummm that’s a tricky one. How has this behaviour started and what are you feeding her? That is very strange behaviour. How is she with treats? You are going to need to wean her away from this very gradually. I would start by both parties gradually moving apart until only one of you is on the sofa. When she is eating just ignore her rather than make a fuss. Talk to each other in calm tones and don’t interact with her. When you have it down to one person on the sofa start by moving her off your lap and putting the bowl next to you. Gradually over a few days move the bowel further away, then move it to the floor without a fuss. Again ignore her. Give her a set time to eat then remove the bowl. Continue in this way until you are standing up, then again step further away from her. You are aiming for her to be able to eat independently. Do you have friends who’s dogs she gets on with and you could visit, so she can see how it’s done. If you are feeding her dry food, try changing it to raw or home-cooked, Mika, our older chi would not eat all day because he didn’t like dry food. Now he looks forward to nosh time. If none of this works I would get 1;1 advice from a behaviourist who would be able to observe you and give you more tailored advice.

  4. Lisa W Andrews Reply

    i have created a monster…my nine year old chi is being stuborn and stopped eating his canned food, so went back to dry food and he will not eat, so i give him a treat and then i mix treat in his dry dog food and he eats the treats out.. so he is not eating and getting the nutrition he needs…. what to do?

  5. Rosemary Desris Reply

    I rescued a chawhawha mix with dashboard. He has always been a fussy eater . I make the food myself . I don’t like the way dog food smells .
    Any way he has always eaten around every other day . I was upset till I got a pure bred one who eats the same way. But my chawennie is getting very fat. He does not eat much. Never begs . I trained him to be part service dog . He does not need a leash when we go out . Stops at every street . Will not cross unless I say so . Very smart. The new one is smart too . Not quite as trained . But I haven’t had him long. He’s not neutered cause I want puppies I hop some day if I can find a female.
    But I am worried about my fat dog . He is neutered. And weighs 13 lbs . The other weighs 11 . They both are tall but the new one is slim . And 2 years old. Fat one is 5 years old .what can I do to slim him down . Recently I started buying rotisserie chicken ( easier for me ) I think that’s what’s making him fat . What do you think .
    Also , I am looking for a girl chawha wha. My boy is pure white and not deaf at all . He hears everything . Here’s my number if you have a dog to mate or sell . 6024693811 I got both of my dogs for free . So I don’t have much money to buy one. Still want puppies.

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