5 Reasons your chihuahua drags his bottom across the floor

When your chihuahua drags his bottom on your carpet (sometimes called scooting) it can signal that something is wrong and your chihuahua is feeling some discomfort. If it happens just once it could be because of an itch or he is trying to tidy up after going to the toilet. 

But if your chihuahua drags his bottom on a regular basis it is likely he is in some discomfort around their rear end and he is trying alleviate the irritation. It may also be accompanied by wiping his back end against the furniture or licking and nagging the area.

#1 Worms

Worms are caused by your chi eating worm infested fleas. You may notice tiny white flecks around your dog’s anus and in his poo. This is a sure sign he has worms.The good news this is very easy to treat using medication that is available from your vet or pet store.

Some people advocate the use of garlic to keep your dog free of worms, but beware as garlic in large doses can be toxic to a dog causing problems with red blood cells. It is true that garlic has many health benefits as well. 

To avoid over medicating your chihuahua with monthly worming tablets he may not need, you can send off your chihuahuas poop to have a worm count done. They will check for all types of worms worms including lung worm. You can find out more about worms in this article.

#2 Anal glands

Most people know that dogs communicate by sniffing each other’s bottoms. Every dog has his own individual calling card scent and this scent is made in two small sacs either side of their anus. It’s not just male dogs that have anal glands.

Usually the sticky foul smelling oil will discharge when your chihuahua does a poo, giving it the marker scent that lets other dogs know who has been this way.

Occasionally they don’t discharge and this can lead to them being over full which is very uncomfortable for you chihuahua. This could be because of soft stools after a bout of diarrhoea, or poor diet and not enough exercise. Whatever the reason it must not be ignored as they can become infected. 

When your chihuahua drags his bottom or starts scooting he is trying to get the glands to empty, take your chi to the vet and she may just manually evacuate the glands. If there is an infection or another underlying issue she can give you further advice and treatment. Often a course of antibiotics.

To avoid the issue arising make sure your chihuahua has a good varied diet with all the vitamins and minerals he needs and make sure he gets regular exercise. Find out more about anal glands here

#3 Sore bottom & matted fur after illness 

A nasty bout of diarrhoea can leave your chihuahua with a sore bottom and matted dirty fur that is irritating, uncomfortable and unhygienic. Dealing with this can be as simple as snipping away the fur or a soothing wash with warm water.

Do check that the area is not infected and if it is, talk to your vet.

#4 Rectal prolapse

If you see a cylindrical protrusion from your dog’s bottom this may be rectal prolapse. This can happen after a severe bout of diarrhoea or constipation. You must seek your vet’s advice on this, who will then recommend a course of treatment or surgery. 

#5 Wound or bite

A wound or bite will cause a lot of discomfort and when your chihuahua drags his bottom, scoots or chews he is likely to make it worse causing a hot spot of irritation. Don’t ignore it. They can cause a lot of skin trauma in a very short space of time by chewing at it.

Any wound can easily get infected and needs to be cleaned. You can apply a soothing antiseptic gel, but if after a couple of days the wound does not heal then take him to the vet as he may need some antibiotics.

In summary, it may be amusing to see your chihuahua drag is bottom on your carpet but it is a sign that your chihuahua is in some kind of distress so don’t ignore it.

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