Review of Calm-K9 for Chihuahua Barking

Calm-K9 for chihuahua barking?

Does Calm-K9 work for chihuahua barking ? This is a tough one for me because I’m a natural skeptic. I first came across this on my Facebook feed with an advertorial suggesting it could help with lunging and barking. I was so incensed at the suggestion that I even wrote something negative in the comments.

In my head only something that anesthetized a dog could create this kind of response and the proper route to this kind of transformation would be training.

So why, as I write this, is a pot of Calm K9 on my desk?

Why calm is important

Chihuahua like a bark, anyone who has one will have experienced the sudden vertical take-off followed by crazy barking. They’ve heard something; a car door slamming, the cat exiting through the cat flap, or person walking past the house with their own dog in tow. The list of things your chihuahua will bark at is long!

It’s possible to greatly reduce the amount of chihuahua barking by creating a calmer environment and limiting the opportunities to rehearse this barking, excitable behaviour.

Don’t allow your chihuahuas to bark out the window at passersby or to charge around the garden barking at critters. It creates a higher level of arousal that puts your chihuahua in the mood for yet more barking and over excitement. Managing this stops them rehearsing unwanted behaviours.

Then employ a range of passive calming activities like scatter-feeding, lick-matts and Kong feeding to help reduce chihuahua barking. We just discovered dried tracheas, cut them into slices. It even takes Minnie a while to chew one. (Be warned you can never un-smell it!)

Creating a calm environment is an important part of reducing chihuahua barking. It’s part of a three step process which includes understanding your chihuahuas emotional ‘bucket’. I am running some online training to help owners better understand how to reduce the constant barking. Below is a form if you put your name on the list I will send you an update on when the next training is running.

As part of our ‘calming regime’  I have been giving Calm-K9 in the morning. They get half a teaspoon in their food every day. Obviously they don’t instantly stop all their barky excitable behavior, but over a short time it has definitely had a beneficial effect on their levels of over arousal, their ability to calm down and focus on training.

How Calm-K9 works with brain and gut

Brain wellness and gut wellness work together to create boost levels of serotonin and tryptophan. (I have put a full breakdown of Calm K9 in the files section on the facebook page so you can download it and read the science for yourself). Tryptophan isn’t made in the body it has to come from a healthy diet and could be missing from some commercial dog foods. Serotonin and tryptophan will boost mood and the tryptophan (an important amino acid will induce calmness and focus.)

Do I recommend Calm-K9 for chihuahua barking?

Simply put, yes. I wish you could see this, but as I write this the army base local to us is doing its daily artillery practice. The cannon and gunfire can be heard clearly and is very loud. Our neighbours dog is going nuts, but my lot are just chilling on their boundaries. (raised beds)

Once the charging about would have been impossible to unpick, all the dogs would have been up and barking, running about egging each other on. That’s the joy of the chihuahua feedback loop! But I have been able to work with them to reduce the stress they feel when the bangs start, and now they don’t worry at all. It’s also worked with fireworks.

It has also had a hugely beneficial impact on their tummies. Improving the hardness of poop and reducing anal gland issues. That alone is saving me £££ at the vets.  My vet has a wing named after Mika’s bum!

You also get a handy eBook that helps you put in place a calming protocol that can really help your chihuahua calm down and reduce barking.

If continual barking is an issue in your house, this is the product is going to help.

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